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Video: Watch Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather get a hilarious Rocky III makeover

Mayweather Calls Out McGregor

McGregor and Mayweather's war of words may have finally gone too far! thanks to: The Kicker

Nai-post ni Craziest Sports Fights noong Huwebes, Abril 13, 2017

UFC superstar Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather are set to embark on an epic journey together. The two prize fighters are expected to meet inside of the boxing ring sometime in the very near future and partake in arguably the biggest combat sports fight of all time, despite the disparity in boxing skills.

Their potential superfight is becoming so big that it already got a Rocky III makeover. In the above video courtesy of Craziest Sports Fights, McGregor, Mayweather, and UFC president Dana White are cropped into the iconic boxing movie in a hilarious adaptation of their feud. The memorable scene features Clubber Lang (Mayweather) goading Rocky Balboa (McGregor) into a championship bout, while Balboa’s trainer, Mickey (White), taunts Lang’s efforts.

This is sort of symbolic at how things have recently played out, especially considering Mayweather has done a lot of the chirping up until now. While McGregor is unlikely to pull off the impossible and defeat Mayweather like Rocky did Lang, it will be a fight that draws international attention.

Out of this entire mashup, White’s role as head trainer Mickey has to be the funniest part. It would have been more fitting to include McGregor’s real head coach, John Kavanagh, but White’s prominent mug suits the remake well.

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