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Watch Jose Aldo and Max Holloway square off for their big UFC 212 fight in Rio

UFC 212 on June 3rd will feature a featherweight title unification bout between Jose Aldo and Max Holloway and we have their first face off from Rio de Janeiro.

Max Holloway hasn't had anything nice to say about Jose Aldo since the UFC booked a featherweight title fight between the two for UFC 212 on June 3rd in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But that didn't stop the two from keeping things civil during their first face off for the bout, conducted in front of Brazilian media earlier today.

There was a distinct lack of Conor McGregor style hijinx when the two came together, exchanging a quick handshake before striking the traditional fists up pose for the cameras. They then split apart and got more photos taken with their belts, lest you've forgotten Max Holloway has an interim featherweight belt.

Holloway won that belt by defeating Anthony Pettis in Toronto at UFC 206, bringing his UFC win streak up to a staggering 10 in a row. With only one win since his loss to Conor McGregor in December 2015, Jose doesn't even really have a streak going. But hey, before that he had a 10 year run with 15 wins in Zuffa promotions without a loss. We’ll see whose streak looks better after they fight.

It all makes for a pretty exciting fight, and UFC 212 still has a lot more potential with Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort both missing opponents for the June 3rd event. For more information on upcoming UFC events, click here.

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