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Dana White: Gegard Mousasi doesn’t get big paydays because he can’t sell tickets

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

If Gegard Mousasi thinks a silly little thing like five straight wins (with four finishes) is going to get him a sizable bump in salary — especially considering his contract expired at UFC 210 — than that’s one dream he won’t be catching.

So says Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, who told reporters at the UFC 210 post-fight press conference (watch it) that Mousasi (42-6-2), like the rest of the roster, has to eat what he kills.

And no tickets have lost their lives in recent years.

“Dan Henderson has been in the game forever. Mark Hunt has an entire country behind him,” White said (via Bloody Elbow). “When we do fights in Australia, he sells out arenas. Gegard Mousasi isn’t selling out arenas.”

Maybe he needs a bigger mouth?

Mousasi was irate that Hunt, who lost to “The Dreamcatcher” back in 2009, is making seven times his pay (more on that here). But even the Samoan’s “super” salary can’t compare to the promotion’s ultimate needle mover.

“That’s why you see guys like Bisping, different fighters from Brazil, Conor McGregor,” White continued. “When you have guys who have countries behind them, it’s a game-changer for them. Not everybody has that luxury.”

Scott Coker to the rescue?

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