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Audio: Chris Weidman’s corner erupts after chaotic UFC 210 fight - ‘Bull f**king s**t! No, no, no!’

Matt Serra and Ray Longo were not happy when NYSAC screwed their fighter Chris Weidman over in his UFC 210 fight against Gegard Mousasi.

MMA: UFC 210-Weidman vs Mousasi Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought you were mad over what went down during Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi's fight at UFC 210 (watch it here), wait until you hear how Weidman's coaches took it.

Matt Serra and Ray Longo are legendary for their boisterous presence when cornering their fighters and, as you can imagine, they were not happy when their man was hit with almost illegal knees from Mousasi and then ruled unable to continue by New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC).

The footage (pulled from Reddit’s MMA sub) gives you another look at the chaos that went down at UFC 210 after referee Dan Miragliotta determined Weidman was fouled and then changed his mind moments later.

Here's a transcript from the corner:

Serra: If you’re okay, you’ve got to let them know! He never knows what day it is, though!
Longo: F**king bulls**t. Bull f**king s**t! No, no, no!
Serra: Because he didn’t know what day it is? He might not know what day it is! Give me his s**t. Where’s his shirt?
Longo: Goddamn it! He was winning that fight, too.
Serra: He told them it was February and he didn’t know what the date was. I told you that motherf**ker’s a dirty cocks**ker!
Referee Dan Miragliotta: (to Weidman’s corner) They watched the replay, it was legal.
Serra: Was it legal?
Weidman: There’s no way that was legal!
Serra: Come on Dan, are you kidding Dan? How is that legal?
Longo: Motherf**ker!

Funny enough, this week's Embedded featured a scene where a non-concussed Weidman didn't know what day it was either. But we imagine he's got a better idea of what month it is when he hasn't had his bell rung multiple times by a killer like Gegard Mousasi.

All this won't stop Weidman and his team from contesting the loss based on the fact that New York doesn't have instant replay and Miragliotta shouldn't have been able to change his mind on the legality of Mousasi's knees. We'd say he has a pretty good case, but this is NYSAC we're talking about here.

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