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Video: Stipe Miocic on the set of Bruce Willis’ upcoming film ‘Acts of Violence’

The life of a Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight king is pretty good these days. Not only is current champion Stipe Miocic gearing up for an important rematch opposite Junior dos Santos at UFC 211 on May 13, but the Ohio native recently got the opportunity to throw around Bruce Willis’ stunt double.

While filming the upcoming movie Acts of Violence, Miocic had the privilege of beating up Willis’ character and body slamming him onto the ground. The above video gives fight fans a behind-the-scenes look onto the set of the film, which revolves around vigilante brothers who infiltrate a human trafficking ring. It will be Miocic’s silver screen debut and is set to release this year.

What a day.. so much action! Lots of rooftops fist fights and gunshots for these guys! #actsofviolence

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Fake fighting aside, Miocic is on the cusp of tying the UFC heavyweight record for consecutive title defenses, which remains at a pedestrian two. Considering Miocic already went five hard rounds with JDS (albeit a loss) and has never looked more dangerous on the feet, the baddest man on the planet may be ready to do more than just tie the long-standing divisional benchmark.

Make Willis proud, Stipe!

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