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‘Blindspot’ actress describes what it's like getting tossed by Ronda Rousey - ‘I blacked out’

NBC’s ‘Blindspot’ actress Jaimie Alexander has nothing but kind words for the show’s upcoming guest star and former UFC champion Ronda Rousey.

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Ronda Rousey is in the midst of another one of her self-imposed MMA media blackouts following her 48 second loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 last December. But that doesn't mean she isn't following other pursuits in the meantime. Last year, her return to the public spotlight came in the form of more Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos and a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. This time she's appearing in the wildly popular NBC television show “Blindspot.”

Photos of Rousey in prison clothing for the role appeared on the internet last week, and now we have the stars of “Blindspot” talking about how much of a treat it is to work with the women's bantamweight legend. Actress Jaimie Alexander, who plays Jane Doe on the show, had nothing but great things to say about Ronda.

“I got to have a cool fight scene with Ronda Rousey,” she said during an appearance on morning show Today (via “I couldn’t feel my legs for most of it! I actually blacked out, I have no idea (what happened)! I was very sweaty. Some of the punch combos and all that kinda good stuff was great (to do with Ronda). There was one point I had to grab her arm, and her bicep’s the size of my waist! It was so awesome. She was incredible. I really enjoyed working with her.”

“I’ve never seen a human being throw themselves so hard on the ground in my life," Alexander continued. "She is just a brick! I was so in awe of her, and she’s so genuine, and kind, and generous. The whole crew loved her, she was just having such a good time, it was such a pleasure.”

Rousey will appear in episode 20 of this season's “Blindspot,” which means it will be several weeks before we get to see the fruits of her acting labor. Next week's episode will be number 14 of the season, putting us six episodes away from seeing Ronda play a prison inmate who knows how to kick butt (what a stretch!). No word yet on if she'll ever return to the cage for another fight, and by Rousey standards, we may not know for another six months one way or another.

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