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Luke Rockhold heard ‘The Count’ was drunk, plans immediate detour to Michael Bisping’s ass

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Michael Bisping was scheduled to defend his 185-pound title against the returning Georges St-Pierre after the ex-welterweight kingpin returned to active competition earlier this month.

See their first staredown here.

That bout is unlikely to take place until late summer or perhaps even early fall as “The Count” heals up from knee surgery while “Rush” gets the all-clear from United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

No matter the outcome, former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold wants his revenge on “The Count,” after getting stopped by way of first-round knockout in their UFC 194 title fight last June.

Even at the expense of a title shot, according to his conversation with Submission Radio.

“I’m taking a detour. I’m going straight for Bisping’s ass. He’s been running his mouth, he’s been talking and avoiding every fight possible. That’s the fight I would pursue – shut him up, move on. There’s nothing more to be done. Bisping has run his mouth quite a bit. And getting upset of the year, I heard he caused quite a stir in Las Vegas this weekend being a drunk idiot and running his mouth. The guy’s out of his mind thinking he expected what he was gonna do, thinking he knew what he was gonna do. I’ll tell you what, when a guy’s gonna do, how he reacts after a fight. You go watch our first fight, that’s when a guy knows what he’s gonna do. Bisping knows he’s a lucky son of a bitch, you know, squeaking out the way he did, and he’s gonna run with it. So that’s the fight (I want). He thinks he didn’t get lucky, he knows. Look at his face after the second fight. That’s a sign of a lucky man on the run.”

The “drunk idiot” was caught on camera doing this at the World MMA Awards.

Rockhold was expected to return last fall in a title eliminator against longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) foe Ronaldo Souza; however, the injury bug reared its ugly head and “Jacare” moved on to fight (and defeat) Tim Boetsch.

Now he’s back and eager to make his Octagon return ... just as soon as he’s done with this.

Should Bisping be worried?

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