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Floyd Mayweather: Conor McGregor is a bitch who doesn’t want to fight me (Video)

I guess undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn’t retire after all — unless he un-retired after Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor McGregor flew back to Ireland.

So if “Money” is still active in the “sweet science,” there’s no reason for him to not fight “Notorious” in a boxing vs. mixed martial arts (MMA) super fight, minus the fact that McGregor is acting like a “bitch.”


“Conor McGregor is blowing smoke up everybody’s ass. He doesn’t really want to fight. If he really wanted to fight, sign the contract. You keep telling everybody that I’m scared of you, this is what I am going to do: I’m going to get a contract typed up tonight, sign it and then I’m going to fax it over to Conor McGregor and see if he’s going to sign it. Conor McGregor, you a bitch.”

Maybe it’s just a publicity stunt?

UFC President Dana White made a “real” offer to Mayweather and McGregor earlier this year, an offer he later rescinded. Not that is kept anyone from talking about this blockbuster pay-per-view (PPV), but we’re a a long way from dotted lines.

Or are we?

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