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Live Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson 2 fight updates, UFC 209: Round 4

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

More than one minute into the first championship round and it was still a tactical chess match. Woodley opened up with a flurry, but then it was back to him circling the cage until Thompson landed a wheel kick out of nowhere. Woodley was stunned for a moment, but not hurt. Mid-way through the round and Woodley was still unable to get anything going, but at least his back was off the fence. Woodley threw a kick, but Thompson made him pay with a stiff right jab. Thompson then landed a left, but Woodley tagged him back with a right. Thompson continued to bounce in front of Woodley, sneaking in a left hand as Woodley drilled him in the chest once more. It was another puzzling round for the champion.

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