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Live Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson 2 fight updates, UFC 209: Round 3

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Woodley's mission was clear to start round three: Close the distance and get the fight to the floor. And it took less than one minute for Woodley to get him there, trap his arm behind him again the cage and blast him with short shots to the face. After about a minute Thompson was able to fight back to his feet, but Woodley drilled him with a brutal knee to the body along the cage. Then it was back to Thompson standing in front of Woodley, whose back was up against the fence once again. Thompson was mixing up his strikes well at this point -- head and body shots as Woodley offered little to nothing in return. Thompson focused on the body shots and then Woodley finally responded with a nice shot. Moments before the round ended, Thompson landed a hard shot that made Woodley wince.

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