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I’m the wrong one! Chris Weidman will make Gegard Mousasi regret calling him out at UFC 210

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Chris Weidman has never been known to duck any fight. So you can understand why the former Middleweight champion was a bit upset when he heard Gegard Mousasi accusing him of doing as such.

And while “All American” admits to FOX Sports there was a bit hesitation when offered the fight due to a nagging injury -- not the name offered — he says he was thrown off by Mousasi’s behavior.

“I go on vacation and then I get a call saying they’re throwing Mousasi at me, they want me to fight Mousasi and I’m like all right whatever. But again I still don’t know when I’m ready to fight. I want to heal this up,” Weidman explained.

“The next thing I know Mousasi’s on Twitter saying I’m ducking him and that’s just the balls on him. I understand he’s trying to do what he can do to get a big fight and he wants to start talking and get his name out there but I just lost recently. I’ve got an injury I’m dealing with and now this guy’s calling me out as if I’m turning down a fight with him.”

For Weidman, Gegard’s accusations didn’t sit well with him due to the fact that his resume lists a “who’s who” of former champion and living legends he’s fought and defeated.

“First of all, who the hell does he think he is that I’d be scared to fight him looking at everybody I fought in my career,” Weidman said. “Secondly, I’m dealing with an injury. Fighter to fighter, you don’t just start calling somebody out right after a loss like that. So I took it a little personal and I’m using it as a little bit of motivation to make him pay for that,” added Chris. “It’s definitely going to be a little extra motivation to show he called out the wrong guy.”

To hear him tell it, Gegard’s desire to fight him wasn’t necessarily to test himself against the best in his mind, but rather try to pick on a former champion with a big name who at the time was seemingly at a low point in his career in order to capitalize.

“He sees a weak-minded guy who was on top for a while and now lost two [in a row], he’s looking at me like I’m on my way down, but I feel like I’m in my prime right now,” Weidman said. “I had two bad fights, made some mistakes and people capitalized on it but that didn’t change me as who I am as a fighter. I’m still the same person mentality wise except now I’m even better.”

Indeed, his back-to-back knockout losses to Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero caused Wiedman’s stock to drop in the title race. But, a win over a streaking Gegard could be the recipe to revive his career.

“He’s going to be fighting a much better Chris Weidman than anybody’s ever seen. I’m excited to put him in his place.”

For his part, Mousasi has already promised he’s going to “light up” the former champion come fight night. To learn more about the upcoming Middleweight bout set to go down at UFC 210 on April 8, 2017 in Buffalo, New York click here.

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