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Stephanie McMahon: WWE and Ronda Rousey would be ‘a match made in heaven’

With Ronda Rousey’s UFC future uncertain, Stephanie McMahon would like her to know she’s very wanted in the WWE.

While Ronda Rousey still hasn't officially made her mind up on her MMA future, there's a lot of people out there jockeying for the services of the former UFC women's bantamweight champion. Sure, Hollywood may now be leery at the prospect of her starring in a big budget film following her recent high publicity losses. But the risk to reward ratio is much less scary for other organizations ... like the WWE, for example.

On that tip, Stephanie McMahon made it clear in the latest episode of ESPN's His & Hers show that the company would love to work with Rousey again. Ronda made massive headlines and basically stole the show at WrestleMania 31 back in 2015 when she appeared alongside The Rock and unleashed a can of whup ass on McMahon and her husband Triple H.

“I would love to add Ronda Rousey!” Stephanie said. “I know that she loves WWE and we certainly love her, so it would be a match, no pun intended, made in heaven. So hopefully one day we’ll have that opportunity.”

As to whether the WWE or McMahon have actually engaged in any talks with the reclusive Rousey?

"Not recently," she admitted. But that's to be expected considering Ronda is still under UFC contract. So perhaps we should consider this latest Ronda Rousey gush session -- the second in as many days from the WWE -- a not so subtle Bat Signal letting Rousey know they're down for whatever, should she be so inclined.

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