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Bellator 174 results: LIVE 'Coenen vs Budd' streaming play-by-play updates TONIGHT on Spike TV

Bellator MMA

Bellator 174: "Coenen vs. Budd" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., March 4, 2017) from inside WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Okla., featuring the inaugural women's Featherweight championship between mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Marloes Coenen against the streaking Julia Budd!

Bellator 174 will start tonight at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play starting with the "Prelims" undercard bouts tonight at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 174) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Marloes Coenen vs. Julia Budd -- Budd TKO 2:42 R4.
Brandon Girtz vs. Fernando Gonzalez -- Gonzalez UD 29-28, 29-27, 30-26.
Justin Wren vs. Roman Pizzolato -- Wren sub (arm triangle) 2:35 R1.
Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Charles Hackmann -- Lovato TKO 0:13 R1.
Cody Pfister vs. Jonathan Gary -- Pfister sub (RNC) 4:04 R1.
Jason Witt vs. Justin Patterson -- Patterson TKO 0:13 R3.
Emmanuel Rivera vs. Treston Thomison -- Rivera UD 30-26, 30-27 X2.
Alexis Dufresne vs. Gabrielle Holloway -- Holloway TKO 2:53 R2.
Emily Ducote vs. Katy Collins -- Ducote sub (RNC) 4:53 R1.


Marloes Coenen vs. Julia Budd

Coenen is 23-7 and fights out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Budd is 9-2 and fights out of Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. Budd has on the blue gloves, white top and white trunks. Coenen has black trunks, a gray top and the red gloves. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Budd charges to the center, then steps back slightly as Coenen gets into range. Coenen lands a leg kick. Budd circles on the outside. Coenen lands a kick and the two tie up. Budd picks Coenen up high in the air and takes her down. Coenen has her head trapped but Budd pops out at 1:28. Coenen tries to tie up an arm but again Budd pulls free. Coenen has her back to the fence and is happy to search for submission openings. McCarthy calls for more work and Budd tries to turn her away from the cage. Budd just can't posture up because every time she's about to Coenen seems to find another opening. Coenen is close to cinching up a triangle. Budd stands up briefly then goes back down to her knees. She's getting in a few elbows in the last minute. This whole round was a stalemate. Would any judge be brave enough to score it a 10-10? Probably not. If Budd wins it's only because she got off a few elbows.

Round 2: Budd takes Coenen down to side control 11 seconds into this frame. Budd is almost all the way to North-South and could look for a variety of submissions of her own. Budd moves back toward side and gets warned not to elbow the back of the head. She looks for a d'arce choke but Coenen gets free. She powers Coenen back down to the ground after Coenen starts to sit up, and does it again, and although she's in half guard now this would be an excellent time to rain down strikes if she could sit up. Coenen is keeping her cautious though as she throws up her legs for another triangle attempt. Budd escapes. There was almost an opening for a gogoplata but it didn't materialize. Budd lands a few solid lefts as we move to the final minute. This round is more clearly to Budd than the first.

Round 3: Coenen comes forward looking to land the right hand, but Budd clinches and turns her into the fence, then single legs her to the ground at 42 seconds. Lance Gibson is getting ever more excited in Budd's corner. Budd is very close to taking a full mount. She loses it the attempt at 1:49 and Coenen gets her back to guard, but she's still being smothered on the ground. McCarthy calls for work at 2:10. McCarthy stands them up at the halfway point. Coenen wings a few shots but gets leg tripped to the ground right in front of Budd's corner. Budd goes for a head an arm choke but the cage may be in the way of her completing it. Coenen gives up her back trying to escape. Budd turns her back over and is on top in half guard at 4:07. The submission attempts are coming fewer and farther between for Coenen and it looks like Budd is outworking her as we head to the championship rounds.

Round 4: Budd hits the takedown hard 13 seconds into R4. This reminds me of a Joanna Champion fight where the longer the fight goes the stronger she gets. Full mount at 50 seconds and Budd is raining down big lefts and rights. McCarthy is taking a close look and he says "GOTTA MOVE." The elbows are pouring in as Coenen covers up trying to block the big shots. Coenen isn't taking the one brutal blow that puts her lights out but she's being punished all the same. Budd is content to just keep pouring it arm, hitting the arms and the body if she can't get through to the head. McCarthy warns Coenen again at 2:30. He finally waves it off about 10 seconds later.

Final result: Julia Budd wins the inaugural 145 lb. title by technical knockout at 2:42 in the fourth round.


Brandon Girtz vs. Fernando Gonzalez

Brandon Girtz is 14-5 and fights out of Denver, Colorado. Gonzalez is 25-14 and fights out of Murrieta, California as "The Menifee Maniac." This is a catchweight fight at 173 pounds. Girtz has the red trunks and blue gloves tonight. Gonzalez has the black trunks and red gloves. Kerry Hatley is our referee in charge.

Round 1: Girtz keeps his stance low as the opening round gets underway. He fires a hard left but Gonzalez has his hands up. Girtz lands a right hand and gets a takedown at 45 seconds. Girtz tries to step over, briefly gets caught in a guillotine, finally winds up in side control but Gonzalez throws him off and stands back up. Girtz gets another takedown, Gonzalez goes for another guillotine, and Girtz scrambles away once he escapes. Gonzalez lands a front kick and Girtz fires off a left. Gonzalez keeps his chin tucked as he comes in swinging looking for Girtz'. Another takedown works for Girtz at 3:27. Gonzalez throws a knee that misses as he gets up at 3:48. Girtz lands a combo at 4:14. Gonzalez answers with his own. Girtz sends him back with a hard right, and a right over the top is blocked. Gonzalez throws one more kick at the bell. Girtz edged out the round 10-9.

Round 2: Girtz lands a hard right six seconds into R2 and the takedown at 0:18. Gonzalez gets back up 30 seconds later. Girtz is working more punches to the body, then gets a double leg at 1:15 where he moves quickly to side control. Gonzalez loses control of his head 15 seconds later but gets up at 1:37. Gonzalez is trying to just walk through the shots of Girtz now to get into range, but he's taken down again at 2:20, and back up 9 seconds later. Gonzalez lands a hard left hook. Girtz with an overhand right that makes Gonzalez smile. Another takedown at 3:17. Gonzalez can't hang onto a guillotine attempt. Gonzalez presses forward with kicks to the legs and the body. Girtz is loading up the left hands. Gonzalez stuffs a late takedown attempt. Both men are swinging at the bell. It's a very close round but I still think Girtz landed more shots - it could go either way.

Round 3: Girtz takes a kick to the cup 19 seconds in and Kerry Hatley calls time. He recovers and the fight continues. Girtz is winging punches in as hard as he can. Gonzalez stuffs a takedown at 1:11 but not the next one, and he's back up again at 1:34. Girtz lands a left and Gonzalez lands a bigger one. Gonzalez just keeps coming. Gonzalez sprawls and blocks the takedown at 2:10. You can see more red on Girtz' face than Gonzalez. Gonzalez stuffs a hard takedown at 3:05 and throws another big left. Girtz has to backpedal quickly as he starts getting rocked. He gets a takedown at 3:55 and Gonzalez goes for the guillotine but can't get it. Gonzalez lets him back up with under a minute left. Very hard shot to the body. Big left. Girtz is trying to keep his hands up but he's getting tagged a lot. He makes it to the bell but his face has been bloodied and bruised. Gonzalez clearly won R3 so it all comes down to how R2 was scored.

Final result: The judges scored it 29-28, 29-27 and 30-26 all for Fernando Gonzalez.


Justin Wren vs. Roman Pizzolato

Blue trunks and red gloves for Wren at 12-2. He fights out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Black trunks and pink hair for Pizzolato at 9-6. He fights out of Blackman, Louisiana. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy.

Round 1: Wren ties up with Pizzolato and throws him to the ground at 17 seconds. Pizzolato tries to get back up but Wren is having none of it, keeping him on one knee and looking to take the back, landing big left hands as he does. Pizzolato finally stands up at 1:20 but Wren has both arms locked around his waist from behind and suplexes him backward at 1:38. Wren is pouring on right hands as McCarthy looks on. Full mount at two minutes. This could be stopped soon. Wren steps to the side for an arm triangle choke. Pizzolato taps out at 2:35.

Final result: Justin Wren wins via submission (arm triangle) at 2:35 of the first round.


Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Charles Hackmann

White trunks and blue gloves for Hackmann, career record of 4-4, fighting out of St. Louis, Missouri. Black trunks and red gloves for Lovato, 4-0, fighting out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: A respectful glove tap gets it underway but it doesn't last long after that. Lovato connects with a left kick to the head, Hackmann stumbles backward, takes two big knees as he's doing so, and Lovato pours it on against the fence until Herzog can get between them. If it was longer than 13 seconds I'd be shocked.

Final result: Rafael Lovato Jr. wins via technical knockout at 0:13 in the first round.


Cody Pfister vs. Jonathan Gary

Round 1: Gary is 12-7-2, Pfister is 12-6-1. Pfister is in the blue gloves fighting out of Amarillo, Texas. Gary is in the red gloves fighting out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog. Pfister pushes Gary to the fence right away but in getting the takedown he lets Gary on top at 23 seconds, who makes him pay with a few rights, but Pfister gets back up and gets a takedown at 42 seconds. Gary goes for a guillotine but Pfister quickly pops his head out and tries to maul Gary with some left elbows. When he can posture up he's also letting the right hand go. Pfister stands up and throws some hammerfists but Gary goes for an armbar. He loses it and Pfister takes his back to pound on Gary with right hands, Herzog tells him to move or he'll stop it, Gary tries to keep moving but he takes about 30 unanswered shots in the process. Pfister takes the back looking for a submission and pounding away with lefts. He sinks in a rear naked choke and Gary fights and fights trying to pull out. He gets out but Pfister puts on another one and it's even tighter. Gary taps at 4:04.

Final result: Cody Pfister wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:04 of the first round.


Jason Witt vs. Justin Patterson

Round 1: 175 lb. catchweight bout. Black trunks and blue gloves for Witt out of Lee's Summit, Missouri with a record of 7-4. White trunks and red gloves for Patterson out of Haltom City, Texas with a record of 8-1. Our referee is Jason Herzog. Witt is aggressive in the early going, shooting for a takedown at 26 seconds and getting side control right away. He has the back with one hook in at 44 seconds but Patterson escapes and gets to his feet at 59 seconds. Witt loads up his right hand again and hunts with it while Patterson tries to keep him back with kicks. It doesn't work as he's doubled to the ground at 1:45. Patterson gets back up at 2:14 but he's getting tagged as he stands. He pushes his way back to center and lands a leg kick and a hard left hand. Patterson circles on the outside then comes back in with power shots and a high kick. He throws a head kick and a backfist but Witt stuns him, keeps coming forward, and takes him down again at 4:13. He's got the back with both hooks in but short time to get a submission so Patterson survives and gets back to his feet seconds before the bell. 10-9 Witt.

Round 2: Witt lands a high kick early in R2 and Patterson responds by knocking him down with a straight left. Witt gets back up and responds with a takedown right into side control. Patterson tries to leg lock him but Witt pulls free and gets back to full guard. The fans and his corner are both calling for elbows. He tries to pass but Patterson is able to get back up as a result. Witt comes forward with a flurry. His mouth is bloodied up. Patterson misses with a spin kick. Witt tries a jump knee. Witt times a shot from Patterson but can't complete the single leg. Witt misses with a big left and Patterson pushes him aside. A right hook lands and Witt goes for a single, loses it, but gets around the waist and drives Patterson into the fence - leg tripping him to the ground at 3:28 with quick side control once again. Witt may be thinking d'arce or Peruvian but Patterson escapes and now he's looking for a takedown of his own. He doesn't get it. Witt gets rocked by a right just before the bell which tips the round to Patterson with two knockdowns.

Round 3: A quick glove tap starts the round but Patterson knocks him down with a left four seconds in and then pours on punishment on the ground until Herzog waves it off. He'll improve to 9-1 as a result.

Final result: Justin Patterson wins via technical knockout at 0:13 of the third round.


Emmanuel Rivera vs. Treston Thomison

Round 1: 151 pound catchweight fight. Thomison is 10-4, Rivera is 5-0. Blue gloves for Rivera out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Red gloves for Thomison, fighting out of Sulpher, Oklahoma. Our referee is Kerry Hatley. Both men circle cautiously at the start, although Rivera is the first to test a chin with the left hand. Thomison fires back with leg kicks. Rivera circles on the outside and throws a right. He keeps letting Thomison come toward him and then fire off shots. The left continues to connect. Thomison tries to find an angle to cut Rivera off but he slips away. Thomison jumps forward with a left. Clashing leg kicks. Rivera lands a counter right as Thomison comes toward him. Rivera decks Thomison with two big rights as he keeps walking forward like a zombie. Thomison dives and misses badly on the takedown attempt. Thomison tries to cartwheel a kick that's checked. The leg kick lands. Thomison tries to get a thai clinch but he can't hang onto it, although he did open a small cut. 10-9 Rivera as Thomison loses his mouthpiece on a hard shot late. Maybe 10-8 thanks to that last right that rocked Thomison.

Round 2: Rivera sends Thomison backward off balance at 0:39 but it's not clear a punch did it - he may just have had a bad stance when they engaged. He's back up quickly. Thomison gets a taken down at 1:17 but he goes hard for a guillotine in the process. Rivera pops his head out at 1:48, blasts Thomison with a right hand, then lets him back up. Thomison loses his mouthpiece again at 2:48 and Hatley warns him not to lose it again when he stops the action to put it back in - right as Rivera was tagging him with shots. Thomison gets hurt again as he tries to find a takedown. Now he's the one circling on the outside as Rivera is coming forward with hard left hooks and stinging rights. Another big right at 4:06. Another big left at 4:18. This is close to being over. Thomison is a punching bag. Rivera's corner is saying "walk him down." Rivera unloads on him in the last ten seconds and knocks him down again right as it ends. Definite 10-8 this time.

Round 3: They tap gloves to start the third and Rivera starts teeing off immediately. A big combo lands at 28 seconds. Thomison goes for a single leg and can't get it. Rivera goes hard to the body. He throws a huge right and Thomison backs out of the way. He's caught with a combo again at 1:17. Rivera seems to be toying with Thomison at this point. Thomison lands one good shot and immediately takes another hard left and right hook. Right hand, leg kick. Thomison is flinching before Rivera even throws them. Thomison keeps plodding forward. Rivera throws a head kick that connects late, and then throws Thomison to the ground with 10 seconds left. That's a one-sided butt kicking over 15 minutes.

Final result: Emmanuel Rivera wins a unanimous decision 30-26, 30-27 and 30-27.


Alexis Dufresne vs. Gabrielle Holloway

Round 1: Dufresne has on the black outfit tonight and red gloves. Holloway is in the black trunks and green top with blue gloves. Holloway is 5-5 out of Gathersburg, Maryland. Dufresne is 6-2 out of Temecula, California. Our ref is Jacob Montalvo. A glove tap gets us underway and Dufresne follows up with several leg kicks. Holloway clinches but Dufresne takes her down at 20 seconds and quickly transitions to full mount and back mount. Holloway is got in a triangle and armbar, shades of the Marloes Coenen fight, but she's defending well and gets out at 1:40. She's in full guard on top of Dufresne, electing not to make her stand back up, and Dufresne immediately starts trying to pull her legs up and around Holloway's head again. Montalvo tells them to stay busy. Holloway pushes her toward the fence right in front of all the photographers. Another warning for activity at 3:41. He finally stands them up with 30 seconds left. Dufresne is the slower to stand of the two. Holloway trips her to the ground for a takedown before the bell. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 2: Dufresne walks slowly to the center to open R2 and throws out a right hand in slow motion. Holloway tags her with a left. Dufresne keeps stepping forward a half inch at a time while Holloway circles and lands another left. Dufresne misses with a diving takedown, Holloway jumps on top to pound on her, then takes her back and gets one hook in. Holloway would like to extend her hips and get a rear naked choke but she's pinned against the fence. She finally rolls Dufresne and gets to unloading with lefts and rights to the head. Dufresne is warned to fight back. Holloway keeps pouring it on and gets the stoppage at 2:53.

Final result: Gabrielle Holloway wins via technical knockout at 2:53 of the second round.


Emily Ducote vs. Katy Collins

Round 1: Black top and white trunks for Collins, 6-1 out of Branson, Missouri. Pink top and trunks for Ducote, 4-2 out of Olkahoma City, Oklahoma. Our referee is Jacob Montalvo. Collins shoots quickly and has Ducote against the fence. She tries to throw her to the ground at 35 seconds but Ducote lands on top as they hit the canvas. Collins tries to throw shots off her back as Ducote buries her head in Collins' chest. I'm surprised Montalvo hasn't called for work yet because nothing is happening. Collins tries to throw heel kicks at her butt. Ducote starts to posture up just a little but doesn't do anything with it. The fighters are stood up and restarted at 3:10. They immediately start swinging leather and Ducote gets a takedown at 3:22. Ducote is a little more active this time, transitioning to take the back with both hooks in and short time left, getting the rear naked choke in the last ten seconds.

Final result: Emily Ducote wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:53 in the first round.


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