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Video: Michael Bisping gives play-by-play of police ‘standoff’ inside Atlanta hotel

Who needs tv

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion, analyst, actor and now on-the-scene news personality ... it seems there’s nothing Michael Bisping can’t do.

“The Count” was enjoying some down time a hotel in Atlanta, Ga., recently when off to the side, some action started to go down between a seemingly unruly patron and several police officers. While it’s not exactly known what lead to the standoff, Bisping offered play-by-play of all the action while filming video, which he later posted to his Instagram account.

“We got a little action in the hotel lobby. We got a standoff. The big guns are coming in. This guy tried to leave, I don’t know, without maybe paying his bill, or something. We’ve got like 10 cops, one dude, real life entertainment here in Atlanta.”

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see how the incident ends.

Meanwhile, Bisping is currently sitting on the sidelines, anxiously waiting for Georges St-Pierre to officially sign on the dotted line for their proposed 185-pound title fight, which is anticipated to go down later this year. Nevertheless, since Georges doesn’t seem in a “Rush” to put pen to paper, “The Count” has a back up fight planned against the real No. 1 Middleweight contender.

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