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Paul Heyman thinks WWE fans would ‘embrace Ronda Rousey with open arms’

Does Ronda Rousey have a future in the WWE? Paul Heyman believes she could if she wanted one.

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We're still waiting to learn whether Ronda Rousey will step into the cage again or retire following her 48 second knockout loss at the hands of women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes. So far, most signs point to her not fighting again. So what's next for the former face of women's MMA? Perhaps some more work with the WWE?

Shortly after that failed comeback attempt, former WWE commentator and ESPN anchor Jonathan Coachman shot down that idea, saying "They don’t bring in a broken star, and that is what she is. She is broken from a professional sense. They don’t rebuild broken celebrities outside of the WWE."

But as far as WWE personality wrestling expert Paul Heyman is concerned, that's not right at all. He shared his much more positive thoughts on a Ronda Rousey run in the WWE with the Fight Society podcast.

"I think the WWE audience would embrace Ronda Rousey with open arms," Heyman said. "Just her name recognition alone is huge. It doesn't matter, her past two experiences in the UFC. All that matters is if she got involved in a story that people could relate to and sink their teeth into and get excited about."

"I would personally pay to see Charlotte versus Ronda Rousey," he continued. "I would totally pay to Stephanie McMahon versus Ronda Rousey for a completely different reason, but I digress. I think Ronda Rousey doing anything in WWE is a natural fit. I'd love to see it, and would be happy to discuss with her all the benefits that she could enure by being a Paul Heyman girl."

Who knows, stranger things have happened. Rousey is a huge pro wrestling fan and has been spotted ringside at numerous indy wrestling events around California. And of course who could forget her massive WrestleMania 31 appearance alongside The Rock? It sounds like as more time passes, the less people seem to care about her losses in the UFC. That's good news for Ronda Rousey, whatever she ends up deciding she wants to tackle next.

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