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Vitor Belfort shoots down reports that he wants CM Punk fight, takes potshot at ‘fake’ UFC champ Michael Bisping

UFC 179: Aldo v Mendes 2 Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 185-pound champion Michael Bisping doesn’t like former two-division titleholder and one-time middleweight opponent Vitor Belfort. But that’s okay, because the feeling is mutual.

“The Phenom” was busy on social media over the weekend to answer charges that he’s angling for an easy retirement fight against mixed martial arts (MMA) punchline CM Punk, who made headlines last fall by getting turned inside out.


The Brazilian would love to have an opponent go down in the first round; however, he’s not asking the promotion to silver platter some hapless upstart, or another aging dinosaur who is one fight away from being embedded in rock.

His words:

I saw the press has released that I asked for an easier fight. That said, let me remind you all my last 10 fights: Anthony Johnson, Jon Jones, Bisping, Rockhold, Henderson, Weidman, Henderson, Jacaré, Mousasi and Gastelum. Only big names, champions and rising stars. The only easy fight I had was with the actual FAKE Champion Michael Bisping. Now if you ask me if I would like an easy last fight. If I would like to have an opponent that at least in theory I would knock him down easily...

I will confess that would be great!

But that would NOT BE ME... Would not live up to my history and the legacy I want to leave for the next generations. When I started in this sport, I was just a young kid, smaller than all my opponents. Nobody took me serious... But I came out knocking people out! Against all the odds became a champion. I know I am not that kid anymore. But I will not hide behind the age, the time that I've been fighting, the pains, my hormonal deficiency (believe or not, I have it), or anything else...

In life you fight! You have to!

Now, whoever they want to give as my last fight... I will take it! Give me younger kids or big names, champions... whatever! Let them come... I may be older, but I still have some tricks in my sleeve. I will be in front of my friends and family. And invite everyone to walk the last mile with me. Guys, I want and need your support! Let's make this last walk to the Octagon a real celebration. Love you all!!

So much love these days.

Belfort (25-14), who turns 40 at the end of the month, has not only struggled to find the win column, but failed to look competitive in his last three fights, going down by way of technical knockout to Ronaldo Souza, Gegard Mousasi, and Kelvin Gastelum.


His most recent defeat prompted the decision to retire — following the final fight on his UFC contract — which in turn led to speculation about his next opponent, as well as fantasy matchmaking.

CM Punk is out ... so who’s in?

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