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Video: Nick Diaz rolls corn husk joints before triathlon training with Kron Gracie

That’s right, fight fans! It’s time for yet another Nick Diaz smoking video. While the mixed martial arts (MMA) bad boy continues to turn down fights for his long-awaited Octagon return, he has enjoyed life to the fullest by blowing smoke with the best of them. Diaz has puffed on giant golden gloves, filmed a commercial for rolling papers and had his new medical marijuana brand endorsed by the legendary Willie Nelson.

In the latest and greatest addition of Diaz’s smoking chronicles, he rolls up a ridiculous joint made out of corn husk. After testing out his own handiwork, Diaz then jumps on the bike and prepares himself for some triathlon training alongside jiu-jitsu wizard Kron Gracie. It goes to show that Diaz remains active in his training no matter how elevated his senses may get. After all, weed is a performance-enhancing drug.

It has been quite the year for Diaz to say the least, even though he hasn’t stepped inside of the cage since fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 183 back in 2015. His name has been mentioned by anyone and everyone, including the champ, and has to be on the cusp of finding his perfect comeback opponent.

At least that’s what fight fans are hoping for.

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