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Video: Georges St-Pierre pulls off insane ring routine ahead of UFC comeback

Retired, active, or training for a Marvel appearance, Georges St-Pierre knows how to stay in shape. It’s the main reason why GSP should avoid any sort of labored encounter with cage rust when he returns to the Octagon later this year opposite middleweight champion Michael Bisping. Throughout his career, the Canadian superstar has demonstrated an abundance of athleticism and freakish natural ability, which remains an intricate part of St-Pierre’s combat makeup even at the age of 35.

In his latest and greatest physical escapade, GSP works vigorously to build his core strength and resemble an Olympic gymnast as he takes to the rings. Some people would overlook a video like the one shown above, but in reality this is a tremendous cliff note to St-Pierre’s ongoing return to action.

As a fighter who has always, and will continue to, rely on his athletic prowess and physical dominance to wilt opponents, it’s nice to know St-Pierre is doing everything he can to come back stronger than ever.

If you’re still not impressed, trying lasting two seconds on those bars. I dare you.

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