Iron Fist – Possible spoilers so enter at your own risk to discuss.

So… is anyone watching this shit? Usually some geek-culture loving\comic-book fan member of the Mania community has something posted up when a new show drops. No? Nothing? Alrighty then…

It’s out now… and man, is it taking a beating from critics. I’ve read some non-spoiler reviews and some of the negative things being said include bad acting, bad writing, stupid character choices, no action and a story that only half centers on Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist). Rough.

The other Marvel \ Netflix shows that came before Iron Fist were Dare Devil (S1 and 2), Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. All were very well received from fans and critics alike. Man, Dare Devil was something else though. Amazing fight choreography, creative camera angles and just a great show over-all. Season 2 was even better (fucking Punisher… YEAH!). Jessica Jones was OK I guess. I watched half the season and couldn’t really get into it… Jessica was kind of a jerk and hard to sympathize with. But I’m a completion-ist and went back to watch the 2nd half and it seemed better. Purple Man (portrayed by David Tennant) was the scene stealer in that show. I really, really wanted to like Luke Cage (cuz he’s a bad ass) and while it was pretty good, I feel like the wheels fell off mid-season, it got slow and the big bad was anything but. Decent shows regardless though.

Iron Fist is definitely not getting the warm reception its processors had. You could almost say its Marvel’s first big blunder… that’s how negative the show’s reception has been. Of course, we should all judge for ourselves…

So, is anyone watching? Thoughts so far?

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