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TJ Dillashaw suggests Cody Garbrandt is only mad at him because ‘Urijah is Cody’s daddy’

TJ Dillashaw continues to pour the insults onto Cody Garbrandt following the filming of The Ultimate Fighter 25: ‘Redemption’.

UFC 207: Dillashaw v Lineker Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Ultimate Fighter: "Redemption" is set to premiere on April 19th and coach TJ Dillashaw has begun doing the media rounds talking about his experience filming the show alongside opposing coach and current bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt. Last week, promo footage revealed that things got so heated between the two that Cody grabbed TJ by the throat. So unsurprisingly, Dillashaw isn't exactly singing praises about Garbrandt at this point.

“Urijah is Cody’s daddy," TJ said during a Fight Society podcast (as transcribed by FOX Sports). "Cody can’t make any decisions without Urijah. Urijah’s involved with everything. That’s why Urijah was mad when I left. He likes to be in control. He wants to be the top dog. I hardly even know Cody. It’s kind of comical that Cody wanted to get mad about this whole thing cause I hardly even know the guy. He was on his way in when I was on my way out.

“He was on the team when everyone was making fun of him for who he was. Now everyone’s got his back cause he’s doing great. He’s doing good for the team and getting a good name out there. But really the beef with Cody is just comical because it shouldn’t concern him at all. Just because it involves Urijah, he wants to get all riled up and puff out his feathers and act like a tough guy. I expected this from Cody. He’s a hot head and just for him to not really be able to express himself mentally but just get all worked up.”

Recently, Garbrandt tried to get under Dillashaw's skin by repeating an insult originally hurled at TJ by Conor McGregor on a previous season of TUF: that TJ was a snake in the grass about to betray Team Alpha Male. But the insult didn't exactly sting ... in fact, Dillashaw went so far as to include a snake in his TUF team logo.


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“They’ve got Conor’s dick in their mouth talking about what he’s talking about and they can’t really come up with their own sh*t," Dillashaw said. "They don’t really have anything.”

Ironically, Cody isn't the only one cribbing insults from other fighters. TJ's line about Urijah being Cody's daddy? Totally taken from Dominick Cruz. But then again, we imagine all the best Team Alpha Male insults were already used up by Cruz.

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