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UFC boss Dana White stands by embattled president Donald Trump: Give him a chance!

Donald Trump was elected president of the United States earlier this year, which may sound a bit surprising when you consider how reviled he is among the general public. Well, that’s what the headlines tell me and I always believe everything I read.

The internet would never lie to me.

But in the face of opposition stands a defiant Dana White, the same Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President who spoke in favor of “The Donald” last fall when the real estate mogul was running for office.

“I spoke at the RNC, so I’m a huge supporter,” White told X17 Online. “Listen, everybody needs to give him a chance. I can tell you this, I got 17 years experience with this guy — always been good to me, always been a stand-up guy. Give him a chance and let’s see what happens.”

If a nuke lands on Vegas, THEN we can say “I told ya’ so,” not before.

As far as presidential campaigns go, White is no stranger to public controversy. Over the past few years, the leader of the mixed martial arts (MMA) movement has faced opposition from his rivals, as well as his former employees.

Can’t imagine why...

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