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UFC Fight Night 107, Morning After: Trilbies, Gunnis and Jimis

What you may have missed from UFC ‘London’ last night!

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Pickett vs Vera Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes a “low quality card”” gives us an amazing night of fights. Or, in the case of UFC Fight Night 107, an afternoon of them. Yesterday was always going to be fun regardless -- GGG vs. Jacobs (see full coverage here and Twitter reactions to the main event here) happened later on to some surprises, and we had NCAA wrestling, WSOF, and submission grappling as well. But UFC’s event in particular, for being a Fight Pass card, was especially fun.

Let’s take it from the top.

Jimi Manuwa led the way with a left hook that sent “Overtime” — the mixed martial artist formerly known as “Beastin’ 25-8” — floating face-first into the canvas with all the grace and life of a cardboard cutout blown by the wind.

Gunnar Nelson’s fight with Alan Jouban had a no less remarkable finishing sequence.

Nelson stopped punching Jouban’s face because Jouban is pretty. That’s what being a Versace model will get you in the Octagon.

I’m glad UFC’s social media team is using Gunni’s unique brand of personality effectively. “Extremely excited face.” Also — and close your eyes if you are reading this, UFC officials — how is Gunnar wearing non-Reebok gym gear?

It’s called a trilby, Ben. Get it right.

Seriously, though ... what a poignant moment.

Amirkhani and Allen went at it in the main card opener. “Fight of the Night,” if there had been one. Amirkhani had a chin on him to take this shot:

Did you know they pranked Sean Shelby at the weigh-ins?

I missed this, but its hilarious to me. Also, my girl pointed out that you can’t claim you are too humble to be proud, like Allen did post-fight, with a nickname like “Almighty.”

Joe Duffy had a lot riding on this fight, and Reza “United States Secretary of Defense Mad Dog” Madadi didn’t make it easy on him, but he pulled out the win nevertheless.

Hopefully, he can negotiate the best deal possible with UFC, but if not, I hear Michael Chandler is looking for a fresh challenge.

Another thing I didn’t know: (okay, okay, but the resemblance IS uncanny)

I thought this knockout was going to be the most incredible sequence of the night, and even after everything, maybe it still is. Watch the whole clip. Marc Diakese is for real. Legitimate. The truth.

This is much less spectacular, but one of the best imitations of “rock em sock em” robots ever.

The Rest of the Best

Kyle Snyder is a monster and he plans on competing in MMA. I want to see him fight Jon Jones some day.

If I’m NOT an amateur wrestling fan ... why would I tune in?

Maybe it was because stuff like this would make me a fan:

Mickey Gall completes the six second challenge:

World Series of Fighting has its highlights on Twitter if you want to scroll through and purvey more violence.

Dan Hardy was (rightly) complimented on his mic skills by John Kavanagh. I especially appreciated how special he made Brad Pickett’s retirement moment.

You heard WSOF. Let them know how cool or uncool their ref cam is.

Some post-fight matchmaking for you:

Now this I am very much down to see.

Other violence from yesterday that you probably, definitely didn’t see:

Enjoy your Sunday, Maniacs!

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