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UFC Fight Night 107 results: Arnold Allen edges out Makwan Amirkhani in scramble-heavy scrap

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Allen vs Meza Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Featherweights Makwan “Mr. Finland” Amirkhani and Arnold “Almighty” Allen squared off in the main card opener this Saturday (March 18, 2017) inside O2 Arena in London, England, for the UFC Fight Night 107: "Manuwa vs. Anderson”.

Amirkhani opened with his signature running flying knee. Allen avoided it easily and backed Makwan up. Amirkhani shot and got a takedown, but Arnold got back up immediately. He wasn’t up for long, though, with Amirkhani hitting a very pretty takedown from the clinch. He immediately threatened with a submission, but Arnold defended. Amirkhani went for another guillotine. Arnold rolled through and Makwan reclaimed the front headlock position. Allen got to his feet and proceeded to push Amirkhani against the fence and take the Finn down. He proceeded to rough Amirkhani up from half guard, landing nice body blows. Amirkhani worked back to his feet and worked for a single-leg against the fence, eventually landing it. Allen popped right back up and reversed the clinch, pushing Amirkhani back to the cage. He landed a couple sidelong knees before Makwan reversed positions. The referee separated them. Allen caught a right hand but then landed a left hook of his own. Amirkhani went down in an exchange and Allen flurried as the round ended, landing some nice shots before Amirkhani clinched.

Amirkhani got an immediate takedown to open the second round and went again for a D’Arce choke. He lost position and Allen took top position. He moved from half guard almost to mount but Amirkhani denied the position with his knee. Allen landed a couple really hard shots and then got full mount for a moment. Amirkhani was doing little but hug his head and arm while Allen worked to drop elbows. Eventually Amirkhani worked against the cage to get back to his feet. Amirkhani looked tired and shot from too far out. Allen went for a guillotine and ended up on the bottom anyway. Amirkhani worked from half guard and looked to land some elbows of his own. Allen recovered full guard and tried to set up a triangle. Amirkhani was able to fight off all submission attempts but didn’t land any really hard ground-and-pound. Both the first and the second rounds were very difficult to score, meaning it could have been anyone’s fight going into the third round.

They circled warily to open the final frame. Amirkhani shot and was denied. Allen glanced a spinning elbow off him on the clinch break. He hit a nice left hand that seemed to hurt Amirkhani. Amirkhani shot in on a single-leg takedown and tried to turn the corner. Allen went down to all fours against the cage. Amirkhani worked to put Allen’s back against the canvas but Allen sprung to his feet and then hit a really pretty trip that Amirkhani rolled through. Amirkhani shot, nearly got reversed, and eventually ended up on top after a wild scramble. Allen maintained full guard, and the referee stood them up in a very questionable call. Allen pushed Amirkhani against the cage and nearly hit an inside trip. Allen tried to chain takedowns together and after a wild, extended scramble took Amirkhani’s back. He had his forearm under Makwan’s chin, but the Finn held on until the bell freed him. Great fight from both men.

Allen said the gameplan was to strike with Amirkhani, but he wanted to finish the Finn. He says he owes his girlfriend at least a week of lovin’. He says he is no good at talking shit, because he is too humble to talk proud.

Official result: Arnold Allen def. Makwan Amirkhani by split decision (28-29, 30-27 x2)

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