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WSOF 35 results: 'Ivanov vs Jordan' live streaming play-by-play updates

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 35: "Ivanov vs. Jordan" airs live on NBC Sports Network TODAY (Mar. 18, 2017) from Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, N.Y.

Blagoy Ivanov vs Shawn Jordan
WSOF 35 Ivanov vs Jordan
World Series of Fighting

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 35: "Ivanov vs. Jordan" airs live on NBC Sports Network TONIGHT (March 18, 2017) from Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York. The NBC Sports Network-televised show will feature Heavyweight champion Blagoy Ivanov in his third title defense as he faces former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) standout Shawn “The Savage” Jordan.

Additional title fights for the live broadcast will see Lance Palmer defend his Featherweight title against the undefeated Andre Harrison, while the vacant Bantamweight title will be filled by a bout between Bekbulat Magomedov and Donavon Frelow.

All of the action-packed WSOF 35 televised bouts air TONIGHT on NBC Sports Network, starting at 11 p.m. ET! will deliver LIVE results and real-time play-by-play coverage of WSOF 35: "Ivanov vs. Jordan" main card below, including results of the "Prelims" undercard action that starts online at 8:15 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 35) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Heavyweight Title Fight: Blagoy Ivanov vs. Shawn Jordan — Ivanov TKO 1:43 R1
Featherweight Title Fight: Lance Palmer vs. Andre Harrison — Harrison UD 49-46, 48-47 X2
Bantamweight Title Fight: Bekbulat Magomedov vs. Donavon Frelow — Magomedov UD 50-45 X3
Welterweight: Abubakar Nurmagomedov vs. Matt Secor — Nurmagomedov UD 29-28, 30-27 X2
Lightweight: Tom Marcellino vs. Bill Jones — Marcellino UD 29-28, 30-27 X2
Featherweight: Hakeem Dawodu vs. Steven Siler — Dawodu UD 30-26, 29-28, 30-27
Lightweight: Islam Mamedov vs. Natan Schulte — Mamedov sub (armbar) 4:56 R2
Featherweight: Alexandre Almeida vs. Steven Rodriguez — Rodriguez SD 28-29, 29-28, 30-27
Catchweight: Andrews Nakahara vs. Emmanuel Walo — Walo SD 29-28 X2, 28-29


Blagoy Ivanov vs. Shawn Jordan

Ivanov is 14-1 (1) hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria as the champion. The challenger Jordan is 19-7 hailing from El Paso, Texas. Jordan has on the black trunks and blue gloves tonight. Black trunks and red gloves for Ivanov. Jordan fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida and Ivanov fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The ref is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Jordan immediately pushes Ivanov to the outside with his left hand high in front of his face and his right reaching out to find Ivanov’s. Ivanov gets back to center and lands a combo. Jordan starts to pressure him toward the fence again. Ivanov hurts Jordan with a hard left and another and pours on the damage on the ground until Miragliotta waves it off. Jordan was given every chance to recover but gave up his back as he was getting clobbered mercilessly by Ivanov on the ground. Excellent stoppage.

Final result: Blagoy Ivanov retains the WSOF Heavyweight Title by TKO at 1:43 of round one.

Lance Palmer vs. Andre Harrison

Round 1: Harrison is 15-0 in the black trunks and blue gloves. Palmer also has on black trunks but is sporting the red gloves, and he’s your 145 lb. champion with a record of 11-2 overall. Harrison is fighting out of Bellmore, New York and Palmer out of Sacramento, California. The ref is Kevin MacDonald. Palmer and Harrison square off in the center of the Decagon. Harrison throws a leg kick and Palmer a nice head shot upstairs. Palmer moves to the outside as Harrison throws another leg kick. Palmer throws an overhand left and Harrison kicks him in the cup causing a timeout at 1:56. Harrison is warned to be more careful and the action resumes. Harrison throws a body kick and another. Palmer throws multiple lefts to the head in a row. Harrison jabs his way into range but misses with a big right. Overhand left by Palmer and he dances out of the way of Harrison’s response. Harrison is warned not to extend his fingers into the eye. Harrison catches Palmer with a right at 4:36 and he’s down! Palmer pops right back up. That knockdown may have stolen the round even though Palmer was winning 90% of it.

Round 2: The insets are showing us Keith Trimble in Harrison’s corner and Justin Buchholz in Palmer’s corner. Harrison is feeling it right now and pressuring Palmer looking to explode with the right hand. Palmer hits a leg kick and dances out of range. Palmer attacks the right leg again. Harrison switches his stance and Palmer fires a hard kick to the body. Harrison throws a head kick and Palmer is backing up quickly from getting stung. Harrison jumps on him on the ground as he goes backward into the fence and starts grinding elbows into his face. Knees to the body from half guard also connect. Palmer tries and fails to trap the head. Harrison fires the right hands to the body as Palmer gets to full guard. Palmer tries to butterfly guard to his feet with short time and stands up right at the bell. 10-9 Harrison.

Round 3: Palmer needs to dig deep now as he’s potentially in a two round hole with only three left to outscore Harrison or get a finish. Harrison nearly catches Palmer with a big knee and nearly lands the uppercut when Palmer breaks free of the clinch — nearly. Palmer has blood streaming down the back of his head from an apparent scalp laceration. Body kick from Palmer. Left hook by Harrison. Leg kick by Harrison. Left hook flush by Palmer. Clinch in the middle at 2:52. Harrison appears to get the better of it on the break. Palmer tries to drop levels but Harrison sees it coming and blocks it easily. Couture is calling for Palmer to run him all the way to the fence for the takedown if he has to. Palmer would have to avoid getting rocked for that to work. 1-2 combo by Palmer. Did he outpoint Harrison this round? It’s a possibility. Neither guy landed a huge shot.

Round 4: At this point it feels like it’s Harrison’s fight to lose. He briefly gets a single leg but Palmer pops right to his feet. Palmer misses with a jumping punch. Harrison with a kick to the cup that stops the action at 2:11. It sounds like Harrison has been given his final warning that he’ll lose a point if it happens again. That could have very negative consequences if any of these rounds were close enough for judges to split on. Palmer throws a head kick that’s checked. The body kick lands. Palmer dances out of the way of a Harrison combo. Another head kick is checked. Left hook for Palmer may have glanced off Harrison but it wasn’t flush. Harrison with a high kick to end this round.

Round 5: Harrison’s corner tells him that Palmer is not in his league as he prepares to come out for the final round of this title fight. On my own scorecard I’ve got two rounds decisively to Harrison, one close to Harrison, and only one potentially to Palmer. Even if he wins the fifth round big a draw may be the best he can hope for. Palmer tries to check a head kick but it at least partially connects. Harrison stings him with a left and nearly connects with a follow up right. He stings Palmer with a big left at 2:15 and that might seal the deal. Palmer drops and goes for a single leg in desperation as Harrison stays heavy on his back. Palmer’s blood is painting the canvas as he is unable to get the takedown, and he slips on his own blood as Harrison lets him back up. Harrison comes forward looking to land another left. He goes high with the head kick. The blood is streaming down Palmer’s face. He connects with a left but Harrison lands a better shot. Palmer is flinching now as Harrison unloads his power. Palmer goes for a single leg with 30 seconds left. Maybe he should have done that sooner. Palmer is about to lose the title — AGAIN. He can’t complete the takedown before the bell and we go to the judges.

Final result: The judges score it 49-46, 48-47 and 48-47 for NEW CHAMPION Andre Harrison.

Bekbulat Magomedov vs. Donavon Frelow

Round 1: Black trunks for Frelow, blue for Magomedov. Frelow is 6-1 and fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Magomedov is 17-1 and fights out of Moscow, Russia. Our ref is Bryan Miner. Frelow immediately opts to take the outer circle of the Decagon and let Magomedov come toward him. Magomedov throws a leg kick. Magomedov throws a big right and a jumping knee that doesn’t land. Another kick from Magomedov. Magomedov misses with the right hook and connects with a leg kick. Frelow lands an overhand right that startles Magomedov and may have hurt him just a bit. He goes down to a knee but only for a split second. Both men trade hard rights. Magomedov doubles Frelow to the ground at 2:40. He goes for the back, gets a hook in, loses it, and drags Frelow back down to the mat. Frelow is back up at 3:18 and right back down again. He’s up again at 3:38 and eating knees. Magomedov takes him down again at 4:03. Frelow can’t get back up this time. 10-9 Magomedov.

Round 2: Frelow is on his back heels again to open R2. Magomedov tries a superman punch. Spinning back kick from Magomedov. Magomedov throws jabs as Frelow backs up. Nice combination from Magomedov with kicks and punches. Backfist by Magomedov. Right hand. Frelow is not throwing nor landing much this round. One left jab finally gets in. Body kick by Magomedov. Spinning back kick connects. Body slam by Magomedov leads to a guillotine attempt by Frelow and luckily for him he’s sweaty enough to pull free at 3:23. Frelow scoots his back to the fence as Magomedov can’t keep him down, but takes him right back down with a half minute left. It may not be pretty or exciting but it’s effective. 10-9 Magomedov.

Round 3: Both men trade hard for the first five seconds and then settle down into their usual pattern of Frelow backing up and Magomedov pressuring. They go to the fence and break off it at 0:40. Khalil Rountree of TUF/UFC fame is in Frelow’s corner calling out advice on the inset camera. Frelow throws a nice right hand to the body. Leg kick by Frelow. I like Rountree but I wish they’d go back to our actual commentators. The crowd is getting bored with Frelow dancing away from Magomedov and is starting to boo. Rountree is calling for “calculated output.” Spin kick and leg kick land for Magomedov. Frelow tries for the punch to the body but Magomedov avoids it. Frelow charges in and gets double legged easily. Frelow gets up with 75 seconds left. Overhand right for Magomedov. Frelow comes forward winging and Magomedov takes him down to a knee and keeps the arms around Frelow’s waist when he tries to get back up. 10-9 again - yawn.

Round 4: Magomedov takes Frelow down so quickly the overhead camera hasn’t even finished zooming into the Decagon yet. They really need to come back earlier from commercial if they’re so hard up to use that shot. The ref cam is less nauseating in high definition on a real TV but it’s still not that great. Frelow has one arm around Magomedov’s head as he sits in half guard but doesn’t have the strength to do anything with it. The crowd knows it and boos the lack of action. Magomedov pops it out at 1:55. Magomedov drives his head into the canvas as he looks to take the back and get the hook in. That lets Frelow back to his feet. Magomedov trips him down and goes for the back again. He’s hunting for the rear naked choke even before he gets the second hook in. 100 seconds remain. “Maybe not sexy from the fan’s perspective” quips Todd Harris. Huge understatement regarding the wrestling in this fight. A submission would be merciful. Miner isn’t seeing enough action and wants to stand it up. Couture thinks that would be a huge mistake. I agree given you can’t stand someone up out of a full back mount looking for a RNC no matter how boring it might be to watch him not get it. 10-9 Magomedov.

Round 5: Magomedov with the takedown 12 seconds into our final round. Right now we’re looking at the second straight WSOF title fight for Frelow where he didn’t win a single round. Magomedov is looking to get his hooks in again. Frelow isn’t letting him do it and Magomedov nearly turns it into a full mount instead. Frelow starts to escape but Magomedov takes him right back down. I think the crowd at Turning Stone is too tired to boo any more. It’s already 11:30 ET at this point. Frelow is taking lefts to the head as Magomedov makes one more attempt to take the back. He’s got the body triangle locked in at 2:43. Magomedov really wants that RNC but Frelow is doing just enough hand fighting and head movement to avoid it. If you don’t miss Marlon Moraes right now you really should - his 135 lb. title fights were much better than this. You can’t take anything from the man with the winning plan though - Magomedov fought the right fight knowing Frelow couldn’t do anything to stop him. We’re going to the judges.

Final result: Magomedov wins the vacant title by scores of 50-45 X3.

Abubakar Nurmagomedov vs. Matt Secor

Round 1: Red trunks for Secor, 8-3, fighting out of New York. Blue trunks for Nurmagomedov, 13-1, fighting out of Dagestan. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta. Unfortunately Dan is wearing the ref cam too. We get a stoppage for an accidental eye poke and a warning from Miragliotta and the action resumes. Nurmagomedov gets a takedown but Secor goes for submissions off his back. Nurmagomedov stands up looking to avoid a leg lock and Miragliotta warns him to get his fingers out of the fence. I'm trying to look at Nurmagomedov try to move on top in half guard but that ref cam is making me queasy. Thankfully they turn it off and we get a shot of the action right in front of Todd, Bas and Randy. Secor goes for the leg lock one more time at 4:14 but Nurmagomedov immediately pulls out. Secor begs him to come back down but Nurmagomedov walks away. Secor tags him with a left but Nurmagomedov lands the overhand right and is trying to pound out a stoppage at the bell. He can't do enough damage in time. 10-9 Nurmagomedov.

Round 2: Nurmagomedov blasts away with the overhand rights to open R2. Secor gets knocked down at 17 seconds and ties up on the ground hoping to keep Nurmagomedov from either posturing up or getting up. The inset cameras are on as if it would do any good because I doubt we could understand the Russian advice being yelled out to Nurmagomedov - thankfully they don't turn on the audio. Secor is recovering on the canvas but Nurmagomedov is inching his way to half guard. Miragliotta may get tired of this game of inches and stand them up for more action. Secor is trying to roll for a kimura. Nurmagomedov blocks it, Secor goes for a leg lock, Nurmagomedov pulls out and then Secor pulls guard to put Nurmagomedov back on top at 2:30. Nurmagomedov is landing some hard lefts to the hard. Secor tries to throw his legs up around Nurmagomedov's back. Time ekes away. Secor fishes for a triangle but Nurmagomedov responds with a full mount. Secor back rolls out of it going for a leg but Nurmagomedov pulls out and gets right back on top in full guard. This fight is moments of excitement and long periods of inactivity. 10-9 Nurmagomedov.

Round 3: A tap of the gloves starts R3 as the NFL overhead camera zooms in. Nurmagomedov leg trips Secor to the ground but doesn't follow him down. Nurmagomedov knocks him down with a right, well Secor kind of fish flops to the ground, and Nurmagomedov lets Secor back up. Left hook by Nurmagomedov. Leg kick. Right to the chin. Another clean right. Secor's offense is almost non-existent unless he's on his back going for a submission. Every time he flops down Nurmagomedov lets him back up. He stings him with the hands at 2:17. Secor may not need to flop down if he keeps eating these shots to the head - he'll go down. Secor falls to the ground at 2:46 and Nurmagomedov just walks away. Nurmagomedov hurts him again at 3:08 and walks away. Miragliotta may want to stop this if Secor goes down again, flop or not. We're in 10-8 territory this round. Secor manages to pull him into guard on top with 59 seconds left. I doubt he'll find any submissions at this point if he couldn't before now. He goes for a triangle and Nurmagomedov pulls out then stands up with 14 seconds left. This is all over except for the three judges who must rule on the fight.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Abubakar Nurmagomedov.

Hakeem Dawodu vs. Steven Siler

Round 1: Siler is 28-15 and has on the red trunks for tonight's fight. Black trunks for Dawodu with a record of 6-0-1. Siler fights out of Orem, Utah. Dawodu fights out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our ref is Bryan Miner. Dawodu is winging out lefts to the head and body right away and they clinch up quick. They break and then it's Dawodu knocking Siler down via a spin kick to the body. Siler shoots and the two spin around until they fly apart at 1:03. Siler tries an overhand right. Dawodu catches him with a combo at 1:31 and they tie up again, Dawodu tagging him when he scrambles free. Siler grabs ahold of Dawodu gets a leg trip and jumps to the back quick to get the body triangle on. Siler is trying to get under the chin and Dawodu keeps trying to tuck it and block the attempt. Siler loses position as he considers a switch to full mount and they scramble around until they break at 3:25. Dawodu with a spinning back kick. Dawodu and Siler stand and trade and they're hurting each other, but Siler is getting the worst of it. Siler gets a takedown at 4:24 and takes the back. Dawodu sweeps on top, still in the body triangle, to end R1. 10-9 Dawodu.

Round 2: Dawodu opens up with the hands again to start and has Siler backing up. He's got him hurt with a body shot and Siler tries to get a takedown but Dawodu just ends up on top in full guard. If he has gotten up and forced a stand-up he could have finished Siler off. Instead he's giving Siler a chance to tie Dawodu up and recover. Dawodu finally gets up and forces Siler back up at 1:52. Dawodu's corner is yelling at him "Body shot's hurting! Attack the body again!" Right hook lands clean. Dawodu's corner tells him to back away when Siler goes down on a takedown attempt. Dawodu lands another left to the body and Siler tries hard for a takedown - he can't get it. Dawodu with knees as they tie up on the fence. They break and Dawodu lands the liver shot and right hook. Siler ties him up again with 1:02 left. Dawodu is warned to keep his fingers out of the cage twice. Siler pushes him away with 40 seconds left and blood coming from his nose. Left hook lands. Left to the body. Siler pushes him into the fence but can't keep him there. 10-8 Dawodu.

Round 3: Siler falls down 10 seconds in - he seems to be slipping on the mat, but I'm sure Dawodu's punches have made him a little woozy too. Siler's hands are way down low. He fails to get a takedown at 0:52 and Dawodu is on top. He gets half guard and his corner yells to mount if you can. Siler goes for a leg lock and Dawodu can't spin out immediately try as he may. They end up in a 50/50 position as Dawodu draws a warning to watch the bak of the head. He finally back rolls to his feet at 2:15. Siler shoots for a takedown right away but can't get it. The ref cam is making me ill again. Dawodu throws Siler to the ground at 2:58 and throws some unchecked lefts to the head. Dawodu is considering a choke but lets it go and forces a standup at 4:09. Siler gets a takedown at 4:32 but Dawodu immediately gets on top and moves to side control throwing hard knees to the body. Siler is going to be feeling like crap all over tomorrow if he's not already now. Dawodu is going for a kimura as the bell ends the fight.

Final result: The judges score it 30-26, 29-28, 30-27 all for Hakeem Dawodu.

Andrews Nakahara vs. Emmanuel Walo

Round 1: Nakahara is in the black trunks and Walo is the blue. Nakahara and Walo are content to trade standing through the opening half of the first round. Both men have been landing hard hooks. Walo shoots for a takedown and it's blocked at 3:40. They break apart at 4:18 and trade kicks. Nakahara fires to the body. Walo backs up as Nakahara throws a leg kick, then tries a rolling thunder kick before the end of the round. Walo helps him back up to his feet at the bell. 10-9 Nakahara off the striking and kicks.

Round 2: A tap of gloves opens R2. Nakahara immediately launches a couple of leg kicks. Walo responds with body kicks. Nakahara is shifting up his stance, fainting, bobbing and weaving. He throws a right leg kick and Walo responds with a flurry that misses, but a left hook finds the mark. Nakahara hurts him with an even better right and they tie up against the fence, both needing to recover a bit. Nakahara looks for a single leg but Walo shoves him off and gets an inside leg trip in the process. Nakahara springs right back up but now Walo has his opponent against the cage. Nakahara turns him around, Walo turns him back. Walo drops levels but Nakahara escapes at 3:16 and throws a spinning head kick. Nakahara tries a superman punch. Nakahara keeps cocking the right hand as though he wants Walo to fear it before it lands, jabbing into range with the left, and another right hook lands as they tie up with a half minute left. Nakahara goes for a single leg and foot stomps as they jockey for position until the bell. 10-9 Nakahara.

Round 3: Both fighters hug it out to start the third. Walo lands a solid jab and some leg kicks. Nakahara responds with his own kicks. Both fighters chop at the other's leg. Walo seems to have trouble finding the range with his hands this round. Nakahara keeps pushing him to the outside of the Decagon and Walo has to fight his way back in. Walo lands a kick to the cup and we get a time out. Walo gets a warning that he'll lose a point if it happens again. Both men touch gloves as the fight resumes with a little over half of R3 left. Walo lands his best flurry of the fight at 2:56 and follows it up with another. Nakahara doesn't seem rocked but he can't keep eating those. He pops Walo in the nose with a couple right hooks and a left to the head. Walo lands a big overhand right at 3:55. I think Walo may have won this round back with his striking in the second half but Nakahara takes the fight. We'll see. They high-five each other at the bell.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 Walo, 29-28 Nakahara, 29-28 Walo by split decision.

Islam Mamedov vs. Natan Schulte

Round 1: Schulte is in the red trunks with a pro record of 11-2. Mamedov is in blue trunks, 13-1 coming into tonight's fight with DMX promising there's no sunshine in the background. Schulte fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida and Mamedov hails from Dagestan, Russia and fights out of Moscow as a member of Eagles MMA (Team Khabib). Kevin MacDonald is our referee. Mamedov keeps his right hand up and jabs with the left as Schulte fires kicks. He backs off as Mamedov throws a spin kick and a right. Mamedov lands a couple of knees and throws another spin kick. Another jump knee and a left hook. Schulte throws a leg kick and eats a punch before and after. Mamedov lets Schulte come toward him for a bit so he can counter strike then briefly ties up for a clinch. No takedown ensues even though wrestling is a Mamedov specialty. In this fight though his specialty is bloodying Schulte's nose. Schulte tries to get a leg sweep at 4:30 but can't land it. He catches a kick and nearly gets a takedown as Mamedov is warned not to grab the fence. Schulte doesn't get the takedown either way. Mamedov gets a second warning after the bell. 10-9 Mamedov.

Round 2: Mamedov connects with a combo 17 seconds into R2. Schulte is getting nailed every time he steps forward with his hands down even a little bit. Mamedov gets a single leg at 1:18, throws Schulte down to the ground again 8 seconds later with a slam, and gets on top in half guard. He transitions to full mount and is pouring it on with elbows as a hapless Schulte tries to cover up with three minutes left in R2. Schulte scrambles enough to get half guard and to even go for a heel hook but Mamedov has no problem getting out of it and getting mount back at 3:30, then spinning all the way around the body, then getting full mount again at 3:45. The right hooks are landing even as Schulte tries to sit up against the fence. Schulte tries to get up and Mamedov takes the full mount back again with 20 seconds left, goes for an armbar, and gets the tap with seconds left. DMX’s “Lose My Mind” salutes his win.

Final result: Islam Mamedov wins via submission (armbar) at 4:56 of round two.

Alexandre Almeida vs. Steven Rodriguez

Round 1: Black trunks and blue gloves for Rodriguez, fighting out of Santo Domingo, Costa Rica with a record of 8-2. Red trunks and gloves for 18-6 Almeida, fighting out of Manaus, Brazil as the former 145 lb. champion. Our referee is Bryan Miner. Rodriguez lands a left hook early against his larger foe and is using leg kicks as well, tries to drop levels, but Almeida overpowers him and pushes him into the fence. They keep switching the feed to a "ref cam" and it's a little nauseating each time. Almeida and Rodriguez keep jockeying for control against the fence without gaining a huge advantage. Miner calls for more work at 2:38. He restarts them at the center 10 seconds later and they tie up immediately, but Almeida hip tosses Rodriguez to the ground. Almeida takes the back and cranks on Rodriguez' face. He's hunting for a chance to sink the arm under the chin with under a minute left in R1. Rodriguez sits up at 4:28 but can't get out of the body lock. 10-9 Almeida.

Round 2: Rodriguez charges forward to open R2. Almeida tags him with the same combo twice when he steps into range. Almeida is getting him closer to the fence each time he backs off from the bad taste of leather to the face. Almeida knocks him down with a right when he's off balance and he quickly stands back up. They go back to the ref cam again and it's making me physically ill to the point I'm thankful Miner calls time when he hears a cup kick. Unfortunately neither man wants a stoppage so we resume and go right back to that camera. Rodriguez is briefly knocked down by a short right hand. Rodriguez shoots for a takedown with just over 30 seconds left but doesn't get it. 10-9 Almeida again.

Round 3: Round three opens with that awful ref cam again. Almeida eats a big overhand right but stays standing. Rodriguez seems to be going for broke this round, which is a better choice than letting Almeida outpoint him. He keeps connecting with the overhand right. Rodriguez takes a kick to the cup, Miner wants to call time, Rodriguez tells him he's fine after he does and we go right back to the fight. Almeida is pushed into the fence at 3:11 as we go to the red cam again. I cannot emphasize enough how bad that is on a digital internet stream, which can already be laggy and jaggy at times, and then the ref's bobbing head makes you feel like you're drunk to boot. They should abandon this idea immediately. Almeida and Rodriguez mix it up and Rodriguez is landing good body shots and leg kicks. I don't know if the judges will give him R1 or R2 but we already had a split decision in the last fight. Rodriguez gets a late takedown before the bell but Almeida raises his hands to the crowd thinking he won.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 Almeida, 29-28 Rodriguez, 30-27 Rodriguez by split decision.

Tom Marcellino vs. Bill Jones

Round 1: Black trunks, 12-10, blue gloves fighting out of Nostos MMA in Maine is Bill Jones. Marcellino is 8-5 and fights out of Amsterdam, NY in the red gloves. Kevin MacDonald is our referee. Marcellino is winging and swinging for the loud local fans of his work. Jones tries a few spinning kicks in response. Jones with a takedown to half guard one minute in to hopefully silence the local fans. Marcellino rolls his way on top but almost gives up his back in the process. He's in side control at the 2 minute mark. Jones regains the back control and is looking for a rear naked choke. Marcellino spins his way free on top. Marcellino gets some left hands to the head before Jones gets back to his feet at 4:07. Jones gets some lefts to the body but Marcellino has the head trapped as he goes to his knees looking for a front choke. Jones gets out and up at 4:48. Jones shoots for a single and can't get it and they trade hands, then look square at each other for a couple seconds before the bell. 10-9 Marcellino.

Round 2: Jones goes for a trip to open R2 but Marcellino eventually ends up on top in guard. Marcellino tries to step over to half guard but lets Jones up in the process. They reset standing at 1:54. Marcellino knocks him down with a shot and immediately ends up on top in full guard. We've been listening to both corners simultaneously yell at their man in inset windows for the last two minutes and while it's not as nauseating as the ref cam it makes it very hard to listen to the fight. Marcellino goes for a guillotine choke but Jones gets out of it and looks to take the back. The insets still haven't gone away even as we go back to Bas Rutten, Todd Harris and Randy Couture on commentary. Marcellino ends up on top again. Jones' corner is yelling something offensive about cannolis and saying that Marcellino is just laying on him to stall out the round. I'd rather not hear the Italian slurs thanks. 10-9 Marcellino.

Round 3: Marcellino goes for a front headlock right away but it's hard to see because an overhead cam is zooming in to open R3 instead of a ringside cameraman. Eventually we get a clear shot of Marcellino on top with Jones' back to the fence. Eventually Marcellino pushes his back to the ground but Jones powers up and gets to his feet. Marcellino goes for the guillotine one more time but lets it go and they stand to trade at 2:04. Jones tries a spinning kick but falls down and Marcellino is immediately on top in half guard. Both fighters are stood up for inactivity at 2:58. Jones lands a couple of right hands but gets taken down. Jones stands up at 3:57. Marcellino gets it down in side control with 30 seconds left but Jones gets up again. They trade to the bell. With the way judges have scored tonight this could go either way even though on my card Marcellino won the fight.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 for Tom Marcellino.

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