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Stephen Thompson expects Tyron Woodley trilogy: ‘The fans know I can beat him’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) appears to be moving forward with its 170-pound division, now that reigning division kingpin Tyron Woodley settled his score with top contender Stephen Thompson.

But don’t expect “Wonderboy” to leave quietly.

Thompson battled “The Chosen One” to a majority draw at UFC 205 back in November, then dropped a controversial decision in their UFC 209 rematch. He knows he can beat Woodley and apparently, so do the fans.

From his conversation with Submission Radio:

"I feel I can go out there and I know I can beat him. I mean just in the last two fights, I know if I put forth just a little bit more effort and actually go out there and just do what I know I can do, just fight, you know, I know I can beat him. I know I can do it. And the fans do too. Of course, you’re out there being cautious, but sometimes you gotta grit your teeth, bite down on that mouthpiece and go. And I didn’t do that in the last fight. And that’s something that I know if I go out there and do, then I’ll ended up winning. But the fight happened twice and I’ll fight who I gotta fight next and we’ll do it again.”

Get in line.

It’s unclear what UFC has planned for Woodley moving forward. The obvious answer would be the winner of this fight; however, we also have returning champion Robbie Lawler getting his next assignment at some point this (or next) month.

Stay tuned.

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