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Jose Aldo is the latest UFC champion to develop his own secret superfight plan

After defeating Max Holloway at UFC 212 in Rio on June 3rd, Jose Aldo will try to get a secret project approved by the UFC.

Superfight. Once upon a time that word was reserved for historic bouts that every fan clamored to see. Nowadays it seems like every fighter in the UFC is chasing a superfight, and their definition of the term is whatever fight makes them the most money right now.

Michael Bisping made his superfight dreams a reality. Conor McGregor seems on the edge of doing the same. Tyron Woodley? Desperately angling for any superfight he can get. And now you can add Jose Aldo to the list of champions with a superfight plan.

"Man, a superfight is always good for me," Aldo said during a media scrum in Brazil on Thursday. "I have a superfight in mind. That's what matters today, money in the pocket. I'm the champion and will continue being the champion, so I want to do do big fights. I have a project after this fight. I'll sit and talk to the UFC. If they approve it, it will be great."

As for what it is?

"It's a secret," Aldo respondeed. But he did say Conor McGregor's inter-sports match with Floyd Mayweather was setting a precident. "Not only for me, but for everyone else!"

Earlier this year during his near-retirement from the UFC, Aldo revealed a desire to box ... are these comments a sign that he still harbors those aspirations? I doubt the UFC would be okay with that. Once Conor McGregor pulls off this potential billion dollar fight with Floyd Mayweather, we fully expect the UFC to try and slam the door shut on their fighters boxing. But Aldo implied he's already laid out his superfight plans with Dana White and White agreed to them.

"I wanna see if his word once again won't be fulfilled," Aldo said. "I have an agreement with him. We'll see. First I'll focus on Holloway, and after that I'll talk to him and we'll see what happens."

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