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Midnight Mania! Matt Hughes considering coming out of retirement

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UFC Highlights Their New York City Debut At The NYSE Closing Bell Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we’ve got Matt Hughes thinking about unretiring, Andre Fili getting real, Gunnar Nelson hating mornings, Gastelum on top of the world, knockouts, sumo, podcasts, and much more.


Matt Hughes is possibly, maybe, speculatively thinking about a comeback. He indicated as much, via “If I could find an opponent that I think I could beat, I would go again” were Hughes’ exact words.

Hughes, who hasn’t fought since September 2011, recently told Joe Buck that he’s “in talks” to fight again.

In the interview, Hughes hints that he’s talking about fighting a previous guest on Buck’s show. While he doesn’t mention who he’s referring to, sources say it’s Royce Gracie, who Hughes beat at UFC 60 in May 2006.

According to multiple sources, the 43-year-old has had talks with Bellator recently about fighting again but no offer has been made and those talks were classified as preliminary.

It certainly fits Bellator’s Modus Operandi. Hughes is a well-known figure from the bygone eras that produced Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Stephan Bonnar, and Fedor Emelienenko. Of course there would be interest in seeing Hughes on free TV.

Royce Gracie though? Please, no. No one wants to see that. (I say that knowing it’s sadly untrue. If people tuned in to watch Royce knee Ken Shamrock into submission, they would turn up for this. But still...) I would rather see him against almost any competent grappler than Royce, the very aged first-ever UFC champion, who he already beat the brakes off of a decade ago. Give Hughes another retiree, Jon Fitch. Drag Jake Shields over from WSOF. Re-sign Ben Askren. Or, if he’s game, Paul Daley has been calling him out for years and is already on Bellator’s roster. Do that once the Rory fight is over. But not Royce. Please, spare us the oxygen tanks and knee braces.

Bobs and Weaves

Gunnar Nelson’s fight with David Attenborough commentating. Brilliant.

David Attenborough lýsir bardaga Gunna Nelson

Hvernig hefði verið að horfa á bardaga Gunna Nelson í gær ef David Attenborough hefði lýst honum? Einhvern veginn svona.

Posted by Atli Fannar Bjarkason on Sunday, March 9, 2014

I don’t know why he’s complaining. Gunnar is always on the edge of taking a nap anyway.

Here's an idea, how about a 9am photo shoot

A post shared by Gunnar Nelson (@gunninelson) on

Donegal! Joe Duffy fights this weekend on Fight Pass in London.

Angela Lee’s next opponent

It might be a bad sign how fighters are being treated by the world’s premier MMA organization when being cut gives them mixed feelings.

And if you thought that might be bad, holy shit, Touchy Fili got real here. From the caption:

“... you have to find other ways to generate income especially if you're in your mid twenties covered in tattoos and your strongest life skill is getting into fist fights it's ok though I'm gonna stay positive even though most of this shit is soul crushing and some days life seems to be trying to hold your head under water so like comment share subscribe repost turn on notifications tell your friends start an argument with a family member commit a crime”

It’s not all struggle. Some fighters are on top of the world, like Kelvin Gastelum in Brazil:

Some thoughts on his recent matchups- ALWAYS HAVE A NAME. Know where you want your career to go.

Tito is playing some professional poker with his retirement cash:

Speaking of alternate careers, here’s Herb Dean in an MMA fight:

I love good artwork. Brad Pickett’s retirement fight is this weekend too.

Sumo is good. Sumo is great.

These guys are flying

Quick Hits

  • Over a dozen fighters have been cut from the UFC roster, including Brandon Thatch
  • Willie Nelson likes Nick and Nate Diaz’ marijuana brand
  • Hector Lombard calls out Vitor Belfort in the perfect retirement-ready matchup

Podcasts and Video

Andrew Richardson breaks down Beastin 25-8’s dipping jab. (yes, I’m still calling him that. I know his nickname is technically ‘Overtime’ now. HE SAID IT’S STILL THE BRAND GET OFF ME)

Manuwa-Anderson full fight breakdown with Flyin Brian J:

Heavy Hands. Pay special attention to the segment from 9:22-9:37, its an amazing exchange.

The Promotional Malpractice Live Chat

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