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Michael Chiesa: ‘Little turd’ Eddie Alvarez will have to stop ducking me eventually

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Dos Anjos vs Alvarez Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Michael Chiesa, nice to meet you.

The usually-reserved Lightweight contender has never been known for talking smack, but “Maverick” has been calling out the rest of the division lately for making up one excuse after another to not fight him.

It’s bottled up frustration that needs to come out, says Chiesa, who turned his attention to Eddie Alvarez after clowning on “hypocrite” Tony Ferguson on “The MMA Hour,” saying that Eddie is ducking him in favor of lower-ranked fighters.

Which is baffling on many fronts, as “Maverick” is confident the “little turd” that is Alvarez will eventually have to fight him anyway if he wants to get back into the title picture.

“At first I felt disrespected. But then I wondered, ‘Why am I being such a puss about it?’ A former world champion is avoiding me, he is ducking me. That is just the way it looked like to me. He’s like, ‘He’s some Ultimate Fighter guy.’ And you’re like, ‘Michael Chiesa?’ And he says, ‘Yeah, him.’ So you do know my name. Why are you acting like you don’t know who I am? You’re talking about how a fight with me is a step in the wrong direction, but you want to fight Poirier? He is tough, don’t get me wrong, but I am ranked two spots higher than him right now. I am No. 7 in the world right now. How am I a backward step? Because Dustin has a bigger Twitter following? What does that have to do with anything? You want to get that belt back, you got to go through me. You know what sucks is, even if he beats Poirier, there’s a chance he’s still going to have to fight me. You’re not going to go from No. 10 and then just jump back into a title fight. Chances are, that little turd is going to have to fight me. Know what I mean? May the best man win in Dallas. I’m here, training. The longer these guys wait, the better I’m getting. Every fight I come out and compete hard and I’m improving. Every fight I look better and better and I’m not the same guy out there. So, it’s like you are only giving me more time to get better and only making the odds worse for yourself.”

Chiesa has look good as of late, racking up three straight victories before a back injury forced him out of his chance to collect number four against the aforementioned Tony Ferguson last July.

Meanwhile, Alvarez didn’t get his much-desired fight against Nate Diaz, as UFC matchmakers instead matched up “The Underground King” against Dustin Poirier for a 155-pound scrap that will go down at UFC 211 on May 13, 2017 in Dallas, Texas (details). Chiesa, meanwhile, will be in the training room, getting better while hoping someone finally takes him on his challenge.

Any suggestions?

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