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Midnight Mania! Cain Velasquez releases measured update on fight future - ‘I can’t train the way I know how’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight, we’ve got Cain Velasquez with a message to his fans, Dillon Danis — Conor McGregor’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach — signing with Bellator MMA, Jorge Masvidal as a hitman, the return of sumo, sweet sweet knockouts, including some incredible knees, podcasts, fight posters and much more.


Cain Velasquez isn’t training much these days, according to his coach, but that’s on purpose. He’s still in recovery from surgery, and is taking his time (for once) to work back into fighting shape. He says he owes it to his fans not to try to take fights when he’s not 100 percent healthy -- the kind of thing that got his last fight canceled.

Quick update for all my fans. Thanks again. #SiSePuede

A post shared by Cain Velasquez (@officialcainvelasquez) on

Hopefully, that means Cain is finally learning to listen to his body and avoid the repeated injuries that have plagued his career. Hopefully. Although, if he manages to get back to full health and win a title shot just as Junior Dos Santos wins the belt back... you can count me out of watching that a fourth time, folks.

Bobs and Weaves

Conor McGregor’s jiu-jitsu coach and ace grappler Dillon Danis has signed with Bellator MMA.

Here’s where his skills were developed —- on the mats ... against the best in the world.

Jorge Masvidal gets a chance to spoil Demian Maia’s Welterweight hopes and dreams at UFC 211. After his comment on UFC using him as a hitman to take out 170-pound fighters it doesn’t like, some fans have begun to embrace that image. It suits “Gamebred” well.

Even the way he gets his jewelry is gangster.

This is pretty creative!

He isn’t the only Welterweight able to pull off the gangster image. Gunnar Nelson fights Alan Jouban this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 107.

Happy new years everyone

A post shared by Gunnar Nelson (@gunninelson) on

Bosslogic poster magic for the stacked UFC 211:

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Did you see this double KO yet?

Sumo is back!!!

This is what Mackenzie Dern’s opponent was trying — and failing — to pull off:

Grabaka Hitman with the top five KOs from the weekend (you’ll never believe number 2!)*

*I love listicles. Clickbait listicles are the cat’s pajamas

The #1 knockout started off a sequence of great knees landed:

The OG!

Gokhan Saki is a legend.

Quick Hits

  • Read the Naked Gambler’s insight into how this weekend was an experiment in process vs. athleticism
  • Hector Lombard was in a car accident this weekend. (photos included)
  • Tony Ferguson vs. Nate Diaz is such an appetizing fight, and Tony wants it. (it’s probably not happening, though)

Podcasts and Video

The MMA Hour

Jack Slack’s Fights Gone By, where Jack introduces his new book on Conor McGregor

Monday Morning Analyst

The Co-Main Event podcast

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