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Former UFC fighter Matt Riddle destroys Dana White, calls him a ‘cold-blooded asshole’

Esther Lin / MMA Fighting

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White and former Ultimate Fighter standout Matthew Riddle didn’t quite see eye-to-eye when the two were part of the same circle. White ridiculed Riddle’s marijuana use and labeled the youngster as “weak-minded” in the public eye. After three years of separation, Riddle, now a professional wrestler, is still bothered by White and the way he handled the situation.

“I get this question a lot and sometimes I’m like f**k that dude Dana White because he is an asshole, he was really cold blooded towards me,” said Riddle in a recent interview with FloSlam. “And if you think about it, the situation I’m in. One of your employees had their third child and is still doing good work but failed a drug test again, maybe he needs help? Maybe you go another route he did, called me a loser and did all that.”

Riddle, 31, compiled a 8-3 (2 NC) record during his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career before turning to wrestling. Both of Riddle’s no contests were originally victories, but were overturned after he tested positive for marijuana. Despite his efforts to prove he uses the banned substance for pain and stress, Riddle and White never worked through the mistakes.

“I’m not the biggest fan of Mr. White,” added Riddle. “I don’t think he has good business ethics. I don’t think he does things properly, I don’t think he treats people properly. I think that’s about it, I could sit here and badmouth him all day, but at the end of the day I just don’t think he’s a good person. Does that mean he’s not going to be successful? Probably the opposite. He’ll probably be extremely successful for the rest of his life because he’s a mean person and bad. But at the same time, that’s just how the world works sometimes.”

At this point, both Riddle and White are probably happy to have gone separate ways. But with marijuana legality at an all-time high, it may be only a matter of time before MMA promotions like UFC no longer punish those who use the drug.

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