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Gray Maynard still mad that UFC picked his ‘booger’ in Las Vegas

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Maynard vs Yakovlev Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight No. 1 contender, Gray Maynard, dropped down to the featherweight division after a string of tough defeats from 2013-15.

“The Bully” was stopped in three of those four losses.

His first appearance at 145 pounds showed promise, thanks to a unanimous decision win over Fernando Bruno, but then came his follow-up fight and it was right back to the loss column.

That’s what happens when the promotion picks his boogers.

"I checked out the tape of him and immediately said, 'Oh my God, this looks like the most annoying fight ever,'" Maynard told ESPN. "He's what we call a booger. You never look good when you have a booger. Even if you beat him, it's not gonna be a good look.”

Maynard, 37, dropped a unanimous decision to Ryan Hall at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 24 Finale, which took place last December in Las Vegas, Nevada (details), in a fight that Maynard said was a “complete waste of time.”

"It's just a bummer to lose like that because I don't even feel he's good at MMA," Maynard continued. "If he would have beat me up or caught me in a submission, then it's more along the lines of, 'Alright man, you're getting beat up by guys who aren't even ranked. You're gonna have to adjust and be a gatekeeper, focus on more fun fights, whatever it is.”

The loss to Hall dropped Maynard to 12-6-1, 1 NC overall and “The Bully” -- who once went 12 straight bouts without a loss — has not won back-to-back fights in nearly seven years.

What the promotion has planned for him next, remains to be seen.