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Bellator 173 'McGeary vs McDermott' recap with results, .gifs and video highlights

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Bellator 173 'McGeary vs. McDermott' aired last night (Fri., Feb. 24, 2017) from SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. MMA Mania brings you a post-fight recap, results, .gifs and interview highlights as former champion Liam McGeary took on Brett McDermott.

Bellator MMA

Bellator 173 "McGeary vs. Fields" took place last night (Fri., Feb. 24, 2017) at SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The main event saw a former champion look to return to form after a lopsided defeat his last time out.

Liam McGeary had been the undefeated king of Bellator's Light Heavyweight division, but the king got crowned by Phil Davis and handed his first professional loss this past November. Tonight his road to redemption began with Brett McDermott.

McDermott made a fight of it and stunned his bigger foe with a knockdown 18 seconds into Round 1, but McGeary gathered his wits and messed up McDermott's face with multiple knees through the rest of the frame. A doctor cleared McDermott to start Round 2, but after McGeary opened up a cut over the eyebrow with multiple lefts, referee Dan Miragliotta called time again and the doctor had seen enough. The time of the TKO was 1:06 of the second round.

McGeary spoke to Jimmy Smith after officially getting his hand raised.

"I knew it was gonna go down like that. I've seen a few of his fights, I know that he comes to bang you know. I want to thank him very much. Give him a round of applause, 72 hours notice, that's not an easy thing to do. He came in he hit me with a big jab. That was a blast! Shit I don't want to get hit with another one of them. He hits hard. I just wanted to get settled in there, and pump my jab off, and work the jab and work the distance. I knew I had him stunned and the knee, Jesus, he's a tough {censored}."

Jimmy Smith informed him that he'd be facing Linton Vassell on May 19th in London.

Never one at a loss for words, McGeary was ready to take the fight.

"Let's get it on Linton. You're a good friend of mine but {censored} we're having a fight man."

James Gallagher came into the night with his own undefeated record still in tact, but the regionally popular "Strabanimal" would need to stay on his A game to improve to 6-0 against Kirill Medvedovsky (7-3).

Gallagher was anxious to go before the bell and never let up after it. A flying knee attempt put Medvedovsky off balance and led to a quick takedown by the Irishman, which then led to full mount. Once Medvedovsky gave up his back, Gallagher poured on the lefts and rights. A weakened foe let the submission via rear-naked choke come at 2:53.

Jimmy Smith spoke to an enthusiastic and energetic Gallagher after the fight.

"Whatever it takes to win. If I get inside your head or not, I'm still gonna choke him, I'm coming here to finish every time and each time I {censored} deliver. First of all I want to wish a very happy birthday to my mother. She helped me every step of the way and I would not be here if it wasn't for her. A.J. McKee you're a {censored} pissant and you're next. May 19th come here and I'll show you who's real."

There's not much he said after that which wasn't edited out of the broadcast.

Undefeated Straight Blast Gym prospect Sinead Kavanagh returned for her second Bellator fight at a catchweight of 140 lbs. against Iony Razafiarison.

The first round was two opposite strategies playing out. Kavanagh was able to use her standup to rock Razafiarison with a right hand, but her opponent landed two takedowns, the second of which had her doing damage on top with lefts for the last 30 seconds. The strategy played out even more effectively in Round 2 as Kavanagh didn't connect once.

Kavanagh was clearly hoping to land another hard shot in Round 3, but Razafiarison took her down at 26 seconds and never let her back up. Kavanagh tried to inch backward to the fence but it didn't help as Razafiarison held her there and bloodied up her face with left hands en route to a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25).

Bellator 173 also featured a televised fight between Alex Lohore and Colin Fletcher. Lohore had only one loss coming in, but the former TUF and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Fletcher gave him all he could handle in Round 1 with multiple submission attempts, including a D'Arce choke that came pretty close, and a knockdown with a hard right hand.

The submission momentum swung Lohore's way in the second round after he went for a single leg, swept Fletcher's other leg to take him down, and took the full mount with all his options open. Instead of posturing up he looked to take the back, lost it briefly, regained it and seconds later sunk in the rear-naked choke.

The official time was 2:42 of the second round. He spoke to Jimmy Smith about getting rocked in the first frame.

"I was thinking man, I could not lose this fight. There were so much things that I've sacrificed to be in here, so I'd have to push, I'd have to carry on."

Paul Daley spoke to Jimmy Smith about his upcoming fight with Rory MacDonald. Smith told Daley he could keep it to one word since he had a bit of a sore throat.

"I can't really put it all in one word. In my eyes I'm fighting the third best welterweight in the world in Rory MacDonald, and on May 19th, in London, the third best welterweight in the world is getting knocked out."

MacDonald was there right next to him for a response.

"I'm happy that he called me out because it seemed like the rest of the division didn't want any part of me. I'm just gonna go out there and make things happen."

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