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Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight Anderson Silva on UFC ‘Invasion’ card featuring Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

UFC 208: Silva v Brunson Photo by Anthony Geathers/Getty Images

This is getting ridiculous.

Or awesome, depending on what type of combat sports fan you are. But if you thought making one crossover fight was difficult...

Long before Conor McGregor started promoting a mixed martial arts (MMA) vs. boxing “super fight” ... heck, long before any of us even heard of Conor McGregor, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Anderson Silva was trying to throw hands in the “sweet science.”

Against none other than Roy Jones Jr. (more on that here).

Not surprisingly, the bout never materialized and both combatants are nearly a decade older, but this is prizefighting and we can’t bog ourselves down with silly little details like age and physical competency.

Let them fight!

Silva, 41, returned to the win column after a four-year drought by scoring a dubious unanimous decision victory over Derek Brunson at UFC 208. The 48-year-old Jones Jr., meanwhile, is fresh off a technical knockout win over Bobby Gunn in Delaware.

Any fight fans out there willing to pay for this geriatric match up?

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