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Doctor told Ian McCall he could die from UFC 208 weight cut

UFC On FX: Alves v Kampmann Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Take two of these and call me in the morning ... assuming you don’t die overnight.

That was the comforting advice from the attending physician when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight Ian McCall was sent to the hospital after cutting weight for UFC 208 earlier this month in Brooklyn.

“Uncle Creepy” breaks it down for Joe Rogan (via MMA Fighting):

“This whole thing scared the shit out of me. When the doctor says, ‘Oh well you could die, you never know,’ I’m like, what the fuck do you mean you never know? [My gallbladder] was super shrunk - contracted. I guess [from the dehydration]. And then they saw shadowing and some other stuff [on the tests] and they thought I had gall stones. Then they did a more advanced version of the ultrasound and they didn’t see anything so they didn’t have to do [surgery]. So basically we’re just running tests, been running tests all week. I’m still skinny. I went home a day later than I was supposed to go home and I was still under 135 pounds - 132 pounds. I wasn’t able to hold food down until Tuesday. My body just fuckin’ failed me.”

UFC 208 marked the fifth straight time McCall was forced to cancel a scheduled fight.

Weight cutting continues to be a hot topic in combat sports, to the point where select stateside athletic commissions have banned dehydration. In addition, USADA recently put the kibosh on IV hydration in an effort to keep the fighters safe.

Neither of those measures seemed to be much help for McCall, who will likely need a strong sales pitch to get himself booked for another fight.

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