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UFC Fight Night 105 results: Elias Theodorou edges out Cezar Ferreira via decision

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Lewis vs Browne-Weigh Ins Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Middleweights Elias Theodorou and Cezar Ferreira threw down tonight (Feb. 19, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 105: "Lewis vs. Browne," which took place inside Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, live on FOX Sports 1.

Theodorou, the Canada native, came into the bout with a win at his back and his long locks blowing carefree in the winter breeze. Ferreira had put together three wins in a row and was all business at the weigh-ins.

Ferreira tagged Theodorou almost immediately, countering two leg kicks with rear straights. Elias bounced around, trying to get into a rhythm. He even threw a wild backfist with no spin. Mutante moved effortlessly away from his kick attempts, then buckled Elias with a calf kick. Theodorou caught a body kick and drove to the cage looking for a takedown, but Ferreira stymied it. Theodorou held onto the clinch, but when he freed one had to dirty box, Cezar circled back into the center of the cage. He drives in and finds a right hand. Cezar lands a couple hard body kicks and circles out. Theodorou lands a couple body kicks, one of which is countered.

Round two began with Theodorou slapping Ferreira’s lead hand down and jabbing over the top. Ferreira ducked for a takedown, which was stuffed easily, but then caught a knee and down went Elias. Ferreira got his back almost immediately, but Theodorou managed to free himself. Ferreira tripped him from the clinch and took his back again, and again the Canadian managed to extricate himself. Theodorou snatched a takedown of his own, fought off a guillotine attempt, and landed some ground and pound. Ferreira went for another guillotine as Theodorou shot again, but Elias again wriggled free. They returned to the feet, and both men looked tired. Theodorou countered a low kick. They bounced around a bit, recovering their wind, until the round ended.

Both men opened the third round with kick attempts. Theodorou was busier, and landed a body kick combination. The Brazilian circled out from a combination attempt that fell short. He tried to time a takedown off a low kick, but Elias stuffed it. Ferreira looked to move forward, but when they clinched Theodorou pushed him against the cage. He pushed his way off the cage and they separated. Theodorour ran in with a combination, and then Cezar timed a low kick for a double-leg takedown. He took Elias’ back again, and this time nearly locked up a rear-naked choke attempt. Elias managed to free himself, picked Ferreira up bodily, and failed to slam him, Ferreira landing on his feet. The bell sounded on a competitive bout.

All three judges leaned the way of Elias Theodorou. In the post-fight interview, Theodorou talked about his hair and offered insight into the mental game, saying that he takes a while to warm up to the fight.

Official result: Theodorou wins by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28x2

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