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George Foreman says nobody knew who Conor McGregor was before Floyd Mayweather Jr. superfight talks

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

By George, I think you've got it wrong. Boxing legend and former champion George Foreman recently took shots at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight king Conor McGregor when he challenged the Irishman's widespread notoriety prior to sparking talks about a superfight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. According to the grill-making Foreman, nobody knew who "Notorious" was, having the following to say during a recent episode of The Jake Brown Show:

"The other guy, no one even knew his name and now he keeps flirting with the idea of him fighting Floyd Mayweather. He should take advantage of that and go out and fight 100 more people and wait until the Mayweather fight happens. He's famous now. He's almost a household name and he was not until the talk of him fighting Mayweather. It doesn't even have to happen. I'm not buying anymore Mayweather fights. Best believe that. Not me."

While Foreman may be defending the popularity and monetary draw of Mayweather, he couldn't be more wrong about McGregor's own notoriety across the world of combat sports. The 28-year-old Irishman is the biggest name in mixed martial arts (MMA) today and carried that torch way before he ever decided to target "Money" in the public eye.

At the end of the day, like many have said before, Mayweather needs McGregor. Not the other way around. McGregor has countless opponents lined up and million dollar paydays ready to be cashed. But for Mayweather, it's McGregor or nothing. If that doesn't lend a hand in solidifying McGregor's popularity then what does?

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