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Conor McGregor talks Floyd Mayweather Jr. meeting - 'I flew to Las Vegas and he didn't show his face'

When Conor McGregor made a recent trip out to Las Vegas to square away some things with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, many fight fans believed he'd actually sit down with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and work out some of the kinks for a potential superfight. While news broke that a bout agreement was nearly in place, nothing is finalized. According to McGregor, Mayweather didn't want to stick around to meet face-to-face.

"Floyd's a bitch and he's petrified," said McGregor to TMZ Sports. "I flew to Las Vegas and he didn't show his face. As soon as I touched down in Las Vegas he retired twice."

"Brush up, you're not up to speed," added McGregor when asked about fighting Mayweather in Ireland. "A lot has happened over these last couple of days."

McGregor also took the opportunity to clear the air about Khloe Kardashian's "big fat ass," which he commented on in his recent profile with GQ Magazine.

"That was a compliment," said McGregor. "They wrote that like that was a bad thing."

All ass talk aside, McGregor is gearing up for a huge splash into the boxing world in 2017. The odds may be against him, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight king is ready to take out Mayweather when the parties involved put up the right amount of money.

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