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Video: Tyron Woodley says he's the greatest welterweight champion ever, better than Georges St-Pierre

With only one title fight victory and one controversial title defense to his name, current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight king Tyron Woodley still has a lot to prove, especially when he's being mentioned alongside a returning Georges St-Pierre. Despite his rather green UFC championship resume, "The Chosen One" has no doubt in his mind that he's the best welterweight to ever fight inside of the cage.

"Not that I want to silence the critics or silence the haters or to put everyone on notice, but I'm the best welterweight that's ever fought in the Octagon," said Woodley in a recent interview with TMZ Sports. "All I gotta do is keep winning to prove it.

"I know I am that right now. My coaches know I am that right now. I'm more well-rounded that Georges St-Pierre. I punch harder. And he was the G.O.A.T. He was the greatest of all time. So I feel like I have the tools, I have the ability, and all I have to do is keep knocking them off one by one and eventually I'll be recognized as the greatest welterweight who ever fought in the Octagon."

Woodley added that he must get through Stephen Thompson at UFC 209 on Mar. 4 if he wants the opportunity to fight the likes of GSP, Conor McGregor, Demian Maia, Robbie Lawler and Jorge Masvidal. That is not an easy task, especially considering the two fought to a draw at UFC 205 this past November.