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Todd Duffee is off UFC 209 for undisclosed reasons

Is Todd Duffee suffering from the same kind of medical problems that derailed his career over the past five years?

UFC 181 - Duffee v Hamilton Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Todd Duffee continues to struggle with getting into the cage consistently. The once highly-touted Heavyweight prospect has once again found himself unable to compete, pulling out of his UFC 209 match-up with Mark Goodbeer.

Here's Goodbeer's social media post on the situation:

A quick update, unfortunately I have woke to the news that Todd Duffee is out of our scheduled bout at UFC 209 for reasons yet to be disclosed. Me and my management team are working alongside UFC matchmakers to find a replacement. We have reached out ot a replacement so just waiting on a reply. Either way I will be fighting at UFC 209. I have trained harder than ever before covering all areas so I will fight who they have to offer. Real fighters fight regardless.

Following an exciting seven-second knockout of Tim Hague back at UFC 102 in 2009, "Duffman" seemed like he could be the next big thing. A comeback loss to Mike Russow at UFC 144 and 19-second destruction at the hands of Alistair Overeem in Japan took some of the bloom off his rose, but the physical specimen Duffee still seemed to have great potential in a division dominated by a handful of aging legends.

Unfortunately, the next four years for Todd Duffee would be spent trying to diagnose a mystery illness that left him feeling weak and unable to compete. Finally, doctors declared he suffered from Parsonage Turner Syndrome. The disease atrophies muscles and can cause paralysis ... and isn't the kind of thing you want to be fighting in the cage with. But, Duffee defied the odds, returning to the UFC in 2014 to defeat Anthony Hamilton in Dec. 2014 via 33-second knockout. His last fight with the promotion was a KO loss to Frank Mir in July of 2015, and since then Duffee has been conspicuously absent once more.

We'll have to wait and see why "Duffman" is off UFC 209. Let's just hope it isn't something serious that could derail his career once again.

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