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Bookies release odds on who Georges St. Pierre will face in his comeback fight

Got some money and a premonition on who GSP will fight next? Gambling sites are ready to take your bets.

Marvel's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Premiere - Red Carpet Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney

Georges St. Pierre's return to the UFC isn't even official yet but already people are salivating over potential fights for the Canadian superstar's comeback appearance.

I'm sure everyone's got their pet dream fight they'd love to see GSP in, but beyond random fan discussion lies the interesting world of speculative gambling on future opponents. To that effect we have the fine folks at Bodova putting out odds on who we'll see across from GSP in his first fight back.

Michael Bisping at 5/4 (+125)
Anderson Silva at 3/1 (+300)
Stephen Thompson at 5/1 (+500)
Tyron Woodley at 5/1 (+500)
Nick Diaz at 11/2 (+550)
Robbie Lawler at 11/2 (+550)
BJ Penn at 12/1 (+1200)
CM Punk at 150/1 (+15,000)

Curiously absent from the list: Conor McGregor, who tends to be at the top of most superfight speculation. Also note that Stephen Thompson and Tyron Woodley are listed at the same odds, despite Thompson needing to take the welterweight belt off Woodley at UFC 209 in order for a fight with GSP to make sense. Savage! No respect for Tyron.

We're also somewhat interested in Michael Bisping having such good odds considering he's out until May following knee surgery. But I guess you never know with Michael ... he may be willing to make his way to the Octagon on crutches if it'll get him paid some of that real money he's been chasing lately.

One thing is for sure: people are getting hyped for the return of Georges St. Pierre. Let's hope the UFC has something cool in mind for his comeback fight and don't just use him to shore up some stank ass card against a random opponent. Hey, you never know these days.