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Rampage Jackson: King Mo humped me so much, my leg needed an abortion

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BELLATOR 157 - Rampage v Ishi Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson, who plays his trade for Bellator MMA on Spike TV, is gearing up for his Muhammed Lawal rematch on March 31 in Chicago, Illinois.

More on that upcoming do-over here.

Hopefully Jackson remembers to wear protection. The last time “Rampage” went to war with “King Mo” — at the Bellator 120 pay-per-view (PPV) in May 2014 — the former got knocked up instead of knocked out.

"There's no way you can watch that first fight and say he went in there to fight me. All he wanted to do was hold me down and hump my legs,” Jackson told Flo Combat. “I don't talk about this much, but after our first fight I had to get my leg an abortion. It was a horrible thing and I didn't even know a leg could get pregnant, but when it gets humped the way Mo did mine, I guess anything can happen.”

I hate to be “that guy” but I’m not sure “Rampage” should be making abortion jokes when you consider this.

Jackson (37-11) turns 39 in June and hasn’t competed three times in one year since debuting with UFC back in 2007. In fact, he’s only registered two bouts in the nearly three years since he last faced Lawal.

Anyone see their 265-pound grudge match playing out differently the second time around?