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UFC 208, The Morning After: Nate Diaz beats up Charlie Day to advertise Ice Cube’s movie

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What you may have missed from “Holm vs. De Randamie” last night ...

UFC 202 - Open Workouts Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

UFC 208 was ... well, it was a thing that happened. Not the most stacked pay-per-view (PPV) card in UFC history, “Holm vs. de Randamie” turned out to have some less than stellar interludes included therein. By which I mean, parts of it were boring. Large parts. Maybe even most of it. Even Dana White thought so. I mean, Jim Miller and Dustin Poirier threw down (highlights). So, there’s always that. And there was plenty of controversy in both the main- and the co-main event. I can barely tear myself away from talking about it to bring you this other thing from last night.

Ice Cube locks Charlie Day in a cage with Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is staying busy in an Octagon these days -- just not THAT Octagon ... at least not for less than $20 million. He stars in a promotional video taking out unfortunate actor Charlie Day to promote Ice Cube’s upcoming movie, “Fist Fight.”

Maybe shooting this commercial is what Diaz had in mind when he tweeted a couple weeks ago:

His boxing looks good, although the professional boxers he applied for a license to fight with may put up more resistance.

Who needs UFC? Not Nathan Diaz.

Anyway, back to the riveting card that was UFC 208 ...


See the full results for the event here.

The main event saw Germaine de Randamie beat Holly Holm by narrow margins (see highlights here), in which no one could stop talking about the shots “Iron Lady” landed after the bell, one of which buckled Holm. In MMA, cheating pays.

Here’s the second, less egregious time de Randamie kept throwing after the bell:

Germaine also had some legitimate offense, of course:

Sometimes, in life, when you win, you lose. De Randamie will presumably now face Cris Cyborg at some point- once she returns from suspension.

#Repost @wmmabrasil with @repostapp ・・・ PLANOS DE DANA PARA RETORNO DE CYBORG Cris Cyborg pode retornar ao octógono mais cedo que o esperado. Após ter sido advertida por uso de substância proibida, em dezembro, a brasileira entrou com um recurso na Usada (Agência Antidoping dos Estados Unidos), alegando prescrição do medicamento para tratamento. A isenção de uso terapêutico é uma permissão dada a atletas que precisam utilizar substâncias proibidas devido a orientações médicas. O presidente do Ultimate, Dana White, se mostrou otimista com o pedido de recurso de Cyborg. Em entrevista à "ESPN" americana, o mandatário acredita que o processo está bem encaminhado. - Está tudo ótimo agora. Aparentemente, ela tem três sintomas que justificam o uso do remédio. Realmente parece estar indo bem. Antes pareceu que daria errado, mas agora está melhor. Estamos indo bem - garante White. O advogado de Cris Cyborg, Howard jacobs, afirmou que a Usada solicitou informações adicionais para o caso da lutadora, o que sugere que o recurso será aceito. - Demos maiores detalhes recentemente, respondendo o que nos foi solicitado. Cris está feliz por terem dado importância para a revisão do caso. Estamos animados porque fizeram perguntas muito específicas do caso, quando geralmente os recursos são recebidos com questões mais genéricas. Esperamos ter um solução em breve - concluiu. Cyborg foi notificada pela Usada por ter testado positivo para "espironolactona", um diurético. No entanto, a lutadora alega que utilizou a substância em um tratamento após o profundo corte de peso que fez em sua última luta, no UFC Brasília, em setembro do ano passado, quando nocauteou Lina Lansberg. #criscyborg #teamcyborg #wmmabrasil #mma #mmagirls #mulheresnotatame #pesogalo #UFC #ufcbrasil #ufcfightnight #canalcombate #bantamweight #muaythai #kickboxing #jiujitsu #wrestling #champion #fight #fighter #fighting #bomdia #boatardee #boanoite

A photo posted by CRISTIANE V JUSTINO ★ (@criscyborg) on

No wonder Germaine was so cagey about her injuries after the fight

In the co-main event, Anderson Silva did this to Derek Brunson.

No, wait. He didn’t do that at all. Instead he took a controversial decision win that left many scratching their heads:

See highlights of that here. It was a schooling in the art of bullshitting judges:

It had some action too:

It was Silva’s first win since 2012. He still puts butts in the seats:

Jacare hit a sweet kimura on the Barbarian, Tim Boetch

The high point of the event in terms of action was Dustin Poirier vs. Jim Miller (highlights here)

Dustin definitely woke up with combat on his mind. The breakfast of champions:

He also walked out to this. Yves Edwards, you have raised your thugjitsu disciple well.

Cub Swanson’s next fight was announced, and he is fighting the Korean Zo — Artem Lobov??

Is this the Conor effect?

Ian McCall got another fight cancelled. It’s not even a joke at this point. What did he do to the ghost of Helio Gracie??

A rumor as yet, but I would be down to watch this. Definitely better matchmaking than Swanson-Lobov...

Regional Event Highlights

A slick, slick submission by a Maniac will always get top billing:

Josh Barnett approves and also names this weird submission hold:

Enjoy your Sunday, Maniacs!

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