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Dana White says 'everything straight' with Georges St-Pierre, talks of 2017 return still in progress

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Georges St-Pierre and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are like the modern day combat version of Romeo and Juliet. They belong together, but the universe is continuously finding ways to pull them apart. That was until UFC president Dana White revealed an update on the promotion's current contract squabble with GSP earlier this week.

"We're where we always were with GSP. We've been talking," said White in a recent interview with TSN. "We've been talking to GSP for, God, over a year now. Me and GSP got everything straight between us. I don't know. We'll see what happens."

Remember, the former UFC champion has heavily lobbied to get back into the promotion, but GSP insists on revisiting his current contract in light of his inability to use outside sponsorship. As the biggest star in Canadian mixed martial arts (MMA), GSP could reenter the mix at 170 pounds and give the promotion the high-level sell it has been missing.

White did add that he'd bet on St-Pierre returning in 2017, but he wasn't full committed to a guarantee. With GSP healthy and ready to compete, UFC must get something done quickly before things begin to fall apart, again.

Stick with Mania as more news pertaining to GSP's potential return becomes available.