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Midnight Mania! Conor McGregor in top five most tweeted athletes of 2017

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight ...

Conor McGregor After-Fight Party And Wynn Nightlife Residency Debut, Encore Beach Club At Night In Wynn Las Vegas Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Wynn Nightlife

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Conor McGregor was the fifth most tweeted athlete in the world in 2017, and his announcement of the Mayweather fight was the seventh most retweeted tweet of the year by any athlete.

He’s managed to be in the news, and a constant social media topic, despite not fighting a single mixed martial arts bout in the year of our Lord two thousand and seventeen. Sure, he had that crossover money grab opposite Floyd Mayweather, who now claims he carried McGregor (one of those unfalsifiable claims only Floyd can really know). But, McGregor has also made plenty of headlines for drama like this:

@thenotoriousmma and @ritaora

A post shared by McGREGOR TEAM (@mcgregor_inc) on

Or, you know, punching mobsters or slapping Bellator officials. But, it’s always something.


Chuck is out there just living life, on field with Aaron Rodgers.

I think this photo says it all. What an epic weekend in Green Bay!! #gopackgo #packers #goodtimes

A post shared by Chuck Liddell (@chuckliddell) on

Life looks pretty good for Sir Robert Knuckles.

Getting work done @graciejiujitsusmeatongrange @standstrongboxing @justinlang_ep @bulldoggymcastlehill

A post shared by Robert Whittaker (@robwhittakermma) on

Cyborg brought in another high-level, undefeated boxer to help her prepare for Holly Holm. I’m confident in predicting she is going to smash Holm in this matchup.

Did you see Paige VanZant complaining about a stewardess who wouldn’t let her move to an empty row because she would unbalance the aircraft?

Goose vs. cow -- who wins? This is the original mixed martial arts:

Dang, David and Goliath

Posted by John Griffith on Monday, December 4, 2017

Lomachenko has hand speed tricks for days, but will that help him beat Rigondeaux this weekend?

The placement of the background images seem ... unfortunate?

Brian Ortega is passionate about his sandwiches.

I’m with Joe Rogan on this one ...

I was out of town this weekend, so I didn’t see Tiffany Van Soest lost this weekend. It’s always interesting seeing an undefeated fighter handle their first loss.

@anissameksen @glorykickboxing

A post shared by Tiffany 'Time Bomb' van Soest (@tiffanytimebomb) on

When you get sick of people living up to stereotypes ...

I’ve got the Predator!

I’ll continue posting these as long as they surface:

The hills are alive with the power of @francisngannou. #UFC218 #ngannou #ufc #detroit #mma #overeem #ko

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When the throw does not go as planned ...

#小内巻込 #kouchimakikomi #judo #jujitu #ippon #japan #judoka #graping #MMA #fight #kodokan #kanojogoro

A post shared by JUDO_Tokyo (@judo_tokyo) on

Sumo wrestler and Rizin MMA fighter Baruto has a new role to play:

Combat sports are promising this weekend!

Good Reads and Quick Hits

Random Land

I never knew the story of how Molotov cocktails got invented was so badass.

I used to be good at table tennis. Never this good, though. Never good enough to hit these shots with a cleaver:

Some serious #tabletennis chops using a KNIFE!

A post shared by Pongfinity (@pongfinity) on

How is this smart or wise??

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