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Twitter reacts to Versace-clad Conor McGregor’s ‘date night’ with busty British singer Rita Ora

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor McGregor is the most popular fighter in all of mixed martial arts (MMA), and since he’s not competing inside the Octagon, there is nothing else to talk about aside from his Bellator assault social life.

Which appears to be thriving.

While longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin was home taking care of their newborn son, “Notorious” was glamming it up at the British Fashion Awards last Monday night in London, England, because the wealthy Irishman knows a thing or two about fancy threads.

Unfortunately for McGregor, no one was talking about his purple suit, which was two shades from Grimace, because he was too busy cozying up to busty British singer Rita Ora, who bragged about their “date night” on social media.

Then paid for it on Twitter.

“Russian Hammer” to the rescue?

McGregor doesn’t seem to be worried about appearing in public, despite reports that he’s in “very serious danger” from the Irish mob. But I guess “Notorious” has nothing better to do these days, since he’s not in a position to defend his 155-pound strap.

Which begs the question ... why does he still have it?

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