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Angela Magana wants a penis and a crew cut to help prolong her UFC beatings

MMA: UFC 218-Cooper vs Magana Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight veteran Angela Magana was turned inside out by Amanda Bobby Cooper last Saturday night (Dec. 2, 2017) as part of the UFC 218 pay-per-view (PPV) event in Detroit, Michigan.

Unfortunately for the former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 hopeful, the stupid referee did the job he was contracted to do and put her safety before her pride, waving off the contest late in the second stanza.

But only because she has a vagina, according to yesterday’s Twitter rant.

I need to walk in the cage with a banana in my shorts and a crew cut then maybe the ref will let the fight go. Men can fucking tap out from strikes get hit and the ref wont stop it till 7 shots later after near death experience. Amanda was fucking bashing me & overpowering me, I wasnt rocked still moving was completely aware I immediately sat back & bitched at ref. Heard my corner yell out I had less than 30 seconds. I was thugging it out hoping for a 3rd & have a chance back on my feet again. In no way by wanting another round am I taking anything from Amanda, in fact her dominance of me could have been far worst I just wanted that opportunity to let that transpire and have another go.

Magana (11-9) called for “equal rights in fights.”

Unfortunately for “Your Majesty,” neither her age nor her record are lending much support to her argument. Magana is 34-years old and mired in a five-fight losing streak, one that saw her get put away three times.

No word yet if the promotion plans to send her packing, but if this was indeed her final fight inside the Octagon, it’s easy to understand why she wouldn’t want to go out on anything but a stretcher.

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