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Pic: Watch Conor McGregor fail on Instagram

Don't read the paper. MAKE THE PAPER.

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And they said Floyd Mayweather couldn’t read.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight kingpin Conor McGregor turned the mixed martial arts (MMA) world upside down by capturing championship titles in two different divisions.

I think he took that literally.

“Notorious” was posing on his a private jet to flaunt his recent newspaper headlines, though neither he nor his Instagram cameraman bothered to make sure the prop wasn’t upside down. And even if, by chance, his visible section was actually right side up, the message got lost by the apparent fail.

More proof the land of make believe has real consequences.

McGregor has been in the news these last few weeks for all the wrong reasons. After getting into a kerfuffle with Bellator officials, the trash-talking troublemaker somehow got mixed up with the Irish mob.

It would be nice if we could focus on his next UFC fight instead of what he’s doing outside the cage, but “Notorious” doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to defend his lightweight title.

Time to move on?

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