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UFC 218, The Morning After: Jose Aldo takes time for fan after brutal KO loss

What you may have missed from last night

Anyone who had questions about Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway 1 had them answered definitively last night: Max wins, because apparently Max’s chin is some mixture of vibranium, adamantium, or whatever other mythical unbreakable material you can think of. Aldo hit Max a lot, really hard, and Max never flinched. Jose even managed to uncork a couple of those legendary leg kicks. Max stayed in Jose’s face and landed an insane volume of strikes to overwhelm the featherweight great in the third round.

You would think that Aldo wouldn’t have time for much of anything after that fight, but an account from a fan related a different story. Even after taking all that damage, likely losing any hope of holding the featherweight title again, Aldo still took time to make a fan feel good for supporting him.

To any fans of Jose Aldo/MMA. After his loss, I waited in the fighters’ hotel afterwards without much expectation knowing he must be devastated. When he saw me, he hugged & embraced me, thanked me, talked and stood for pictures. 1 of the greatest fighters ever,an even greater man

Sunday Funday

Conor misses the fight life

Max Holloway is a savage. He didn’t even tag Conor.

Lomachenko heard his name echo across the world and thanked Max for the shoutout with two emoticons.

Insight on Holloway’s tattoos?

This is an iconic image. Did we just witness the moment that cements Francis Ngannou as a heavyweight great?

BossLogic with the magic

It didn’t even look real.

I also like calling him the Sandman, because he grew up in “The Sand Village” and now puts people to sleep for a living.

Daniel Cormier knows the feeling of having to face a terrifying puncher and beat them twice.

Stipe wasn’t even watching.

Francis taking the time to champion international social justice makes him the hero we need.

Justin Gaethje always knew this crazy ride was going to result in a loss eventually. “Win or lose, this hurts.”

Ridiculous fight

So... Al Iaquinta has something to say.

Even the prelims were lit.

The Rock was watching tonight

MMA judging is weird.

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