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CSAC will no longer license Marlon Moraes at bantamweight due to UFC weight-cutting concerns

MMA: UFC 212-Assuncao vs Moraes Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

While most of the recent weight-cutting headlines came with a punchline, California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) is taking it seriously, to the point where it refuses to license fighters who don’t play by the rules.

Like this guy.

The latest fighter snared by the commission is top bantamweight contender Marlon Moraes, who can say goodbye to the 135-pound weight class — at least in “The Golden State” — until he can medically prove it won’t jeopardize his longterm health.

He’s not the only one, as four combatants competing at UFC Fight Night 123 earlier this month in Fresno were flagged for failing to stay within 10 percent of their contracted weight upon rehydration, including Iuri Alcantara, Davi Ramos, and Luke Sanders.

MMA Fighting reports:

Moraes gained 14.5 percent back after weigh-ins, coming in 155 pounds on fight day after weighing in at 135.4. Alcantara went from 135.4 at weigh-ins to 154.6 on fight day, a 14-percent gain. Sanders went from 135.6 to 154.5, a 14-percent gain. Ramos had the largest difference between weigh-ins and fight day. He gained back 15 percent, going from 155.8 at weigh-ins to 179 on fight day.

That’s not unlike this policy.

CSAC promised it was going to employ measures to combat extreme weight cutting when it gathered for a special summit back in late 2015. The end goal is to prevent an athlete from dying as a result of dehydration.

It happens.

In addition to a ban on intravenous re-hydration, already implemented by United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the commission also put the kibosh on extreme weight cuts, linked to concussions, traumatic brain injury, susceptibility to knockouts, and poor performance.

How long it takes other commissions to follow suit, remains to be seen.

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