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Khabib Nurmagomedov is feeling so great leading up to UFC 219 that he may move to featherweight

Khabib weaves some #1 bulls**t of his own as we wait to see if he can even make 155 pounds on Friday morning.

Khabib surgery

Khabib Nurmagomedov's 2017 was supposed to be way different than it turned out. The original plan: to beat Tony Ferguson into the canvas at UFC 209, take the UFC interim lightweight title, and then challenge Conor McGregor to a big money fight in Russia. Instead, Khabib ended up in the hospital the night before weigh-ins, the fight was called off, and he spent a large portion of the year travelling to Germany to fix his messed up body as a result.

Ferguson became champ and Nurmagomedov is just getting back from the sidelines to fight Edson Barbosa at UFC 219 on December 30th. So there's still time for him to turn this 2017 around! But first he'll have to make 155 pounds, a pretty big concern considering what happened last time.

But Khabib laughs at your concerns. In fact, he says he feels so great coming into this fight that he may just move to the 145 pound division next.

“I am already on weight,” Nurmagomedov said (via MMA Fighting). “I have a couple pounds. We’re thinking about 145 now. We’ll see about this, but, first of all I’m going to fight this fight and beat Edson Barboza, and I’m going to fight with Tony Ferguson, and after I’m thinking about going to 145.”

But Khabib wasn't willing to share names of those at 145 he'd like to fight, because that would be silly.

"I don’t think about my opponents, but before I go to 145, first of all I have to stay focused on 155, Edson Barboza," he said. "After, we’ll see. I think I have a couple good fights at 145."

This is some media trolling, isn't it? Revenge for all the tiramisu talk? Because watching the video, I feel like you can see the blood pumping under Khabib's skin. His look is reminiscent of Christian Bale in The Machinist. Surely he and his coach are just laughing, saying "Look at these MMA sites, they'll print anything!"

And here we are.

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